Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pictures Maif-Jönköping Södra 1-0

Difficult second victory at home (MAIF 1 - 0 Jönköping Södra)

Difficult victory today. The goal was quite nice. Jönköping lose the ball in the middle, Svensson goes up in the middle, passes to the left to Eken, who chips it above the keeper. Very lucid. 2/20 for Eken.

The rest of the game was less glorious. A lot of lost balls in the middle. Playing ball a lot, but not going all the way. No rythm. The last 30 minutes was only defense. Good luckily.

Very good performance by Robledo, enormous on heads, Ivanovski and Cederberg. Wille made a couple of mistakes, luckily good cooperation with Cederberg.
Svensson very offensive as usual, but like last time inexistent in defensive phases, even when the ball is passing 50 cm away.
Danne had plenty to in defense.
Osiako did a couple of mistakes, but overall good. Good rythm.
Marcelo and Erton kept on not finding each other.
Eken was on every action, defense offense everywhere.

The replacers Löfquist and Nilsson missed big occasions in front of the goal, they must definitely gain confidence, stop playing ball and shoot. Rehn is now officially Mr Tactical, entering not before the 92nd minute.

After last week's draw at Sirius (1-1), Mjällby has now 7 points and holds the 4th place of the league. But this game was not exactly reassuring for the big games.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Eken is shooting high

Literally so on the second free-fick he took yesterday, but also as the SuperEttan's best scorer.
In the K-stad Bladet last saturday, with a long interview with Eken (swedish), Eken aims for 20 goals this season.

So the count is now 1/20.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Opening game 2008: MAIF 2 -1 Väsby United

For the opening of the season, the conditions today were quite good. 2175 people, no wind, not too cold, the grass was a little wet but manageable. An addition for this year in Strandvallen is the lights, quite impressive when you stand just at their foot. I have not seen them in action, but I hear they light up the whole of Hällevik.

The game had a high rythm, and the first half was balanced. Mjällby's first goal came after a free-kick, the ball goes to the right to Eken alone, who instantly shoots an enormous shot, the keeper shows talent and deflects it to the other side, Johan Svensson shoots again, the ball is deflected by a Väsby defender and arrives in Erton's feet, who pushes it in a corner of the net. The keeper can't do much, 1-0.
Shortly before the break, the rythm has gone down a bit on MAIF's side, Väsby has a good 15 minutes. Good 1-touch passes in the middle, the ball comes in the feet of their number 10 Mikael Torstensson just at the entrance of the zone, the defense is well lined up, Robledo misses his tackle, leaving a big hole behind him, Torstensson goes in and shoots it in a corner. Asper can't do much, the whole thing took only a couple of seconds. 1-1.

During the second half, MAIF owned the better part of the game. As time went Väsby made more mistakes in the center, people losing their nerves, and Osiako-Svensson-Marcello were quite good at stealing and bringing up the ball. This lead to many shots, and many very close to the goal (7-1 in total). The forwards were provoking a lot, on one occasion Eken is brought down outside the zone, he kicks it himself, very hard and 20cm high à la Eken, and it hits the corner of the net on the other side. There were 20 people in the wall, the keeper didn't see it coming, not early enough anyway. 2-1. There could have been another goal almost the same, but so close to the zone line, Eken put it way too high. I would have let Marcello curve in that one.

The players:
Asper was quite safe on capturing the ball. A little too passive on the goal maybe, but that would have been a tough one for any keeper. On the kicks out he made a couple of "Wendel" too.
Wille was good, a couple of mistakes in the beginning, but he or Cederberg caught them up. Good cooperation on the left side.
Robledo was very safe on the heads, but played a little too easy on the ground. His missed tackle lead to Väsby's goal. He got Mjällby's only yellow on a dangerous action (high foot). Little slow acceleration. Also sucks a lot of defenders on headers, that's good for the others.
Ivanovski and Cederberg safe as usual.
Osiako was I think excellent. Last year any time he got a ball was a worry or he'd kill the rythm in the attack, the football he showed today was on a completely different level. He went and stole many balls, he distributed well, he defended well, and did all this with a good speed. Very good play today. He got plenty of applause when he went out, and rightfully so.
Marcello and Erton showed excellent football at times, but had also difficulties finding each other. I hope that will improve with more play together. Erton did not lose his nerves even when mistreated, that's good.
Johan Svensson was criticized by some people in the public, but I disagree partly. He ran a lot up on his left side, every time sucking 2 or 3 defenders to him, leaving a lot of room in the center for Marcello and Eken. And he missed to pass the ball, but only very few times. I would have wanted to see more defensive work though.
Speaking of defense, Danne worked hard today. Not the most glorious job, but someone's got to take it. Good coverage with the defense. Took some time to get into the game though.
Eken was quite excellent. Took a lot of shit on headers, but did not loose many. He's at the origin of both goals (his strong shot for the 1st; provoking a foul and shooting the 2nd). In the press conference, Väsby's coach thought that Eken is too good to play in MAIF...
Löfqvist who entered in the second half made a good impression. Good in placement, stole many balls, good distribution up even under some pressure, not just sending away. Promising.
Jörgen Berner (or Adam Nilsson, I'm not sure, they look the same) showed some potential, but did not dare enough. Must loosen up in the next games

The pajas was relatively good, but the game was fair too. Missed only a couple of small things. The line-men did their share as well. Maybe they qualify as referees today.

All in all a promising first game. And the first time in 7 years that we take all 3 points on an opening game. Let's hope it is a good sign for the rest of the season. The whole of it.

Season start in pictures Mjällby 2 - 1 Väsby