Sunday, November 07, 2010

Congratulations Malmö FF ! MFF 2 - 0 MAIF

Mjällby has lost the last game of the season against a fantastic team of Malmö 2-0 this sunday afternoon. Malmö is champion. Congratulation Malmö. It´s may be the start of a long serie: fantastic arena 24 000 people, young team, very good public, correct pubic too. Us visitors, we have been well received. We were more than 800 from Blekinge.

In the best case Mjällby could have been 4th and in the worst case it could be 6th place. Trelleborg winning their last game, Mjällby finished the 6th of Allsvenskan.

For the first time of his history, Mjällby stays in Allsvenskan. It´s an amazing peformance. All the football expert where sure to see Mjällby back to superettan.

Mjällby had lost the game last week when the referee of the game Mjällby - Åtvidabergs gave 2 yellow cards to repectively to Patrick Rosengren and to Tobias Grahn. Both yellow card were generous...

For the little story, Rolbledo missed the ball at 20 meters and then it was 1-0 for Malmö at the 17th minute. Then 2-0 just before the half time and everything was done. Mjällby got a goal refused by the referee, a little too much home referee. We understand. It´s important that Malmö get champion, a lot of people etc...

Mjällby has lost points this year beeing the little team against the most etablished team. The referee alaways gave more credit to the big team. El Kabir has been hunted and punished this year in scandalous way like in Trelleborg for example.

The best today: Patrick Osiako, David Löfqvist. El Kabir never entered in the game, may be injured.


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