Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mjällby - Halmstad 2 - 0 - El Kabir means the Great

Mjällby won Sundays game towards Halmstad with 2 - 0. The contract is thereby definitively secured after goals by Moestafa El Kabir and David L´Onion Löfquist, who has scored in the both winning games with Halmstad.

On this rather cold October afternoon Mjällby played their second last game home at Strandvallen towards an, on forhand, more motivated Halmstads BK. It was cold, but there was also a strong low autumn sun shining.

Despite some really good chances for both teams and a not too slow play at the beginning of the game, somehow the game developed into a light battle between two teams in the middle of the table. Media talk about El Kabir being too fast for Halmstads aging defence - 34 and 35 year old Jönsson and Zvirgzdauskas. But nobody has anything to say about the ages of Allsvenskans oldest player, Patrik Rosengren, 39, or Mjällbys goalie - more agile than ever - Mattias Asper, 36. Not in the slightest any problems to stop Halmstad.

Despite everything the first half ended without any goals. Yawn.

If Mjällby had had some problems in the first half, they where the clearly better team in the second half. But no goals at all worried a little. Until the 67th minute when El Kabir = the Great (178 cm) scored with the head. He got a delicate ball from Jesper Westerberg passed by Tobias Grahn and put his head. Nice!

Another goal from Mjällby had reassured their supporters, but nothing happened - until three minutes into injury time. L´Onion (Löfquist) had been doing a paler figure than lately the game through, without beeing bad. In his last rush he looked determined to change the judgement of his game. He passed his guy with the ball on his head and finished with a great shot into the elsewise wellplaying Robin Malmkvists right corner. 2 - 0 and game over.

Unfortunatelly L´Onion will miss the next game because of a third yellow card. Also Grahn collected a card of this color.

For the record Ekenberg started well and was involved in some actions especially in the first half. At the end of the game he shot a great shot in the woodwork and cannot be more near to score. Time to score in the next game? Also recent first time father (congratulations Lina and Johan) Johan Svensson made a good game and the home defence was solid. Asper great as mentioned.

Mjällby AIF - Halmstads BK 2-0 (0-0)

1-0 (67) Moestafa El Kabir, 2-0 (93) David Löfquist
Yellow cards, Mjällby: David Löfquist, Tobias Grahn. Halmstad: Tomas Zvirgzdauskas, Joe Sise, Jonas Gudni Saevarsson, Tommy Jönsson.
Referee: Sven–Martin Åkesson, Kode.
Spectators: 2 820.

Mjällby (4–4–2): Mattias Asper – Jesper Westerberg, Patrik Rosengren, Robin Cederberg, William Leandersson – David Löfquist, Daniel Nilsson, Tobias Grahn, Johan Svensson (Peter Gitselov 74) – Moestafa El Kabir (Emanuel Svensson 89), Marcus Ekenberg.

Halmstad (4–2-3–1): Robin Malmkvist – Tomas Zvirgzdauskas, Tommy Jönsson, Ryan Miller, Mikael Rosén – Emil Salomonsson, Jonas Gudni Saevarsson (Kristoffer Thydell 83), Anel Raskaj (Anselmo 75), Michael Görlitz, Marcus Olsson – Joe Sise.

Just four more games to play, three of them of Allsvenskan and one (or maybe two) of the Swedish Cup:

Next game: 24 October Kalmar FF - Mjällby
Semifinals of the Swedish Cup: 28 October Helsingborg - Mjällby
Next and last game at home: 1 November Mjällby - Åtvidaberg
Last game of the year: 7 November Malmö FF - Mjällby


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