Sunday, May 01, 2011

3 points, 3 goals, 1 El Kabir

Before the away game against Norrköping, "football specialists" and other "football experts" had chosen Norrköping favorit for the game against Mjällby. It was clear. Norrköping had started very well the season while Mjällby had difficulties so it would be easy... Too easy.

Mjällby had played:

home: Helsingborg, bad game without El Kabir 0-1
away: AIK, very bad game with El Kabir some minutes 3-0
home: Kalmar, good game with Kabir 1-0
away: Malmo, not so bad, with Kabir 0-1
home: Gais not bad without Kabir 1-1

Norrköping had played:

home: Gais 2-0
away: Gefle 2-0
away: Trelleborg 1-2
home: Halmstads 2-0
away: Djurgården 1-3

We will see how many points will take Norrköping against AIK, Malmo, Hesingborg...

So it is not a surprise that Mjällby won 3-0 away with 2 goals from El Kabir who has been the best. As he says himself, there is only one El Kabir.

Ivan the terrible or Prins Daniel (Daniel Ivanovski) has been excellent. He is the big surprise of the start if the season. He has not played for 1 year and now he even gave the ball to El Kabir for the 0-1.

Johan Svensson has played his first game and he was good. David Löken Löfqvist is loosing his place. A pity, he is not at the level of last year.

Next game:

home: Trelleborg, they are in a better form and we never manage with them.
away: Halmstads, in crisis
home: Ddjurgården, in crisis
away: Gefle in crisis

We need 30 points to stay in Allsvenskan. 23 points more needed.
6 games, 7 points. 5 time 7 points = 35 points...

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Fantastic weather today in Strandvallen, drew almost 3600 people. First try of the Extra bench, all the way up behind the panels it was nice and warm, good view of the field but not so much perspective.

With Musse Pigg suspended (three yellows, of which at least one completely unnecessary), Eken was back at the top alongside Gitselov, Bagarn captain though. Ivan out (for the same reason) was replaced by Cederberg.
Early goal at the 5th minute, nice center from Niklasson on the right, Gits alone at the second pole trys the volley, but not so strong and on the GAIS keeper, the ball bounces off him and on Eken's foot who just has to push it in. 1:0 at 5'50 feels good. After that it was a little bit the festival of bad passes. GAIS was holding a very high pressing, were very mobile and stealing lots of balls. For 20 minutes it was all GAIS, although only on their right side, and the trio Wille-Pavel-Robin kept danger at bay. After about 30 minutes the game was more even again. At 40 minutes Eken gets a clear penalty, wants to take it and shoots it on the ground, not very hard, nor very far, so the GAIS keeper can push it out. 2-0 at this stage would have been a game-changer, given Eken's current level of performance somebody else should have taken it.
The second half was more of the same, high pressure and lots of movement from GAIS, and it paid of in the end with a very hard shot from just outside the zone into the roof of the net that Asper couldn't take. 1-1. The last 20 minutes were to Mjällby but GAIS' defense held tight, not leaving much space to our attackers. More than goals I would like to see some shoots, dribbling with the ball is nice but it does not score often. Several occasions towards the very last seconds, but Gits missed a couple of controls and couldn't really push it all the way.

Giant on the field today was Bagarn, so many saves, a few quite critical ones. Not far behind was Cederberg, who also had a lot of balls and did good. Wingers Wille and Vesterberg ok. Pavel got many balls, and drew a lot of attention from GAIS. Eken should have been taken out towards the middle of the 2nd half, to give more time to Berner.

Not so good coaching from Peter Swärd. Pavel out while he was the most active, and replaced by an uninspired for the day Löken, killed the tempo.

1 point of 6 possible this week, it sucks. 2 goals scored only. It doesn't look so promising if you ask me.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mjällby – Kalmar 1 – 0

Mjällby are back on track after the two first games without points as well as goals. The Saturday afternoon’s game with Kalmar left a great feeling of relief after the first three points and one goal at a sunny, but rather cold, Strandvallen.

But first, a little summary of the season so far. Ze French Minks apologize for having missed the season starting, even though two games already have been played. We have all been a little busy with the mink breeding and other stuff in life. And to our defense we can state the fact that also Mjällby AIF, or at least some of the players, also had not noticed – until now – that the season actually had started.

A little resume of the two games played: Mjällby started the season with a 0 -1 loss at home with vice champions of last year, Helsingborg. As the seasons first games often are, nor was this one very exiting. Since HIF was the only team who beat Mjällby in both games last year, as well as in the cup, we didn’t expect too much. On the other hand, just the fact that everything can happen in the season’s first game and Mjällby played home gave us some hope. But really. No, the same thing happened again. But I must say I think HIF is really boring to see. They do not play any entertaining football and nor the players nor the supporters can claim to have a winning way. Actually this time it was worse than that since the game was delayed due to a fight where some of the HIF supporters beat up some police. They had also started with destroying MAIFs tifo before the game. What can we say?

The second game was away with AIK. An AIK that surprisingly “lost” two points to the newcomer last year in the opening game. A draw that MAIF probably had been very happy for before the game, while it must had been a big disappointment afterwards. This year Mjällby could not surprise the bigger team even if the guests were dominating the first part of the game. Then something happened. Within one minute AIK scored two goals just before half time and Mjällby was under the ice. They didn’t manage to recover and took yet another goal. Defeat 3 – 0. Well…

Back to today’s game. Historically Mjällby has never won with Kalmar in Allsvenskan. That does not say so much though. Last year they played two draws and before that we have to go 25 years back, to find the team from Lister in Allsvenskan, which makes it difficult to compare.

Coach Peter Swärdh had changed the team since last. Daniel Nilsson was back from injury and took back his place on the inner midfield. That put Pavel Zavadil on the left, while Tobias Grahn and David Löfquist kept their places in the middle and the right. Mattias Asper was obviously at his place in the goal and the wing defenders where the same as usual; William Leandersson on the left and Jesper Westerberg on the right. Robin Cederberg started on the bench after too many individual mistakes in the two first games, especially with AIK. Cederberg has started the season like a player who takes the step up from Superettan to a tougher Allsvenskan, surprised by the tempo. But that was last year. Strange since Cederberg finished the season as one of the rocks of the team. I think though, he will come back and is a great backup for two places in the defense. Instead of Cederberg Daniel Ivanovski made his comeback. Ivanovski who has mostly played right defender during his time in Mjällby got his chance on his true position, in the middle, together with Allsvenskans oldest – and wisest – Patrik Baker Rosengren.And how he made it. Ivan was king today. Very explosive, wise and doing generally a good job together with Baker. Who is always doing great.

That the first half’s most aggressive players should turn out to be Baker and Ivan might tell something of the general level of today’s game and players. They led the team from behind. The new midfield did their job most of the time, without especially shining. Still I had expected more of l´Onion Löfquist. He is another player who has not yet started his season. Maybe time for someone else from the start? L´Onion will probably find his form and be a good substitute. Zavadil on the left does a lot of work and ran really all the time. Also more forwards than lately. It was after one of his terrific corners that the goal was realized. In the front of the home team not much happened. Moestapha El Kabir started ok enough, but didn’t have any big day at work together with Marcus Ekenberg. El Kabir not to blame but rather the latter who has not found his form / does not perform. The question is why. Normally Ekenberg is untouchable and with all right, he use to do a good work in most games. If not scoring himself he keeps more than one of the defenders occupied to let someone else, like Musse do the scoring. Today Swärdh surprised the crowd by changing Ekenberg, with all right. The problem, which should turn out a non problem, was that the black and yellow home team had just smaller and lighter guys to put in towards Kalmar’s giants. But Swärdh has a good eye and swapped l´Onion Löfquist to smaller Daniel Nicklasson (58), and Ekenberg to Peter Gitselov (66). And then the game changed. Gitselov did a really good game and the combination with him and El Kabir was a lot more efficient than with Ekenberg, who he played with in the other games.

In fact the games only goal came in the 73rd minute after a corner from Zavadil. Gitselov made a try, but the ball flipped here and there before El Kabir could make the ball over the line. Not exactly his most beautiful goal, but a really important one. With the entrance of the light garde, Niklasson and Gitselov and a hardworking Zavadil, a most of the time wellplaying Grahn and a good defence, especially the midwall, and last but not less important, the scoring Kabir - it start to look acceptable again.

Generally the game was not much to see. Not for any of the supporters. And a draw had been all right seen to the performance. But on the other hand Mjällby had some retroactive point to claims after the other two games. Just a pity for Kalmar who is a nice team – both players and public is behaving well.

Something we didn’t see anything of was the, by the media uphaussed, verbal fight between the two biggest mouths of Allsvenskan, Henrik Rydström and Tobias Grahn. It might have been more entertaining in a way, like a hockey fight. Grahn got a yellow for protesting though, but else wise both kept calm. Funny this about “the big mouths”. I have not seen anyone analyse the fact that the big mouths both come from eastern Blekinge, on a distance of about just 25 km from each other. Is that so that people from Blekinge complain more? Talk more? Especially from this little area? Well, they might be rather outspoken. There is another person from this area who is writing an excellent blogg, sometimes about football. Nowadays also connected to Mjällby. I wonder what she thinks about this theory. For those who understands Swedish, her blog – Fotbollsfrun is to be found here.

Well, enough for this time. We hope for another 3 points next week with Malmö, Swedish champions last year. There is hope since Mjällby knows how to beat Malmö. It all depends on the moods of a certain El Kabir. Does he want to beat Malmö this time, or not? In any case, normally an entertaining game to see.

Good things with this game
King Daniel (not to exchange with Prince Daniel) Ivanovski
Peter Gitselov – alert and eager, good with Kabir
Moestapha El Kabir – most important or only (?) scorer of Mjällby, so far in any case
Patrik Baker Rosengren – does not let anything pass him
Pavel Zavadil – hardworking, hardrunning, very important on corners and freekicks
Tobias Grahn – does a lot of work
Daniel Nilsson – and he does a lot more. The guy you miss the most when he is not there

To work with
To understand what is wrong with Ekenberg. Time to start from the bench?´
To make Löfquist see the season has started
To make Grahn “discuss” less with the referees. I don’t say he is wrong, but if HE just opens his mouth, it is sure he will get a yellow.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Congratulations Malmö FF ! MFF 2 - 0 MAIF

Mjällby has lost the last game of the season against a fantastic team of Malmö 2-0 this sunday afternoon. Malmö is champion. Congratulation Malmö. It´s may be the start of a long serie: fantastic arena 24 000 people, young team, very good public, correct pubic too. Us visitors, we have been well received. We were more than 800 from Blekinge.

In the best case Mjällby could have been 4th and in the worst case it could be 6th place. Trelleborg winning their last game, Mjällby finished the 6th of Allsvenskan.

For the first time of his history, Mjällby stays in Allsvenskan. It´s an amazing peformance. All the football expert where sure to see Mjällby back to superettan.

Mjällby had lost the game last week when the referee of the game Mjällby - Åtvidabergs gave 2 yellow cards to repectively to Patrick Rosengren and to Tobias Grahn. Both yellow card were generous...

For the little story, Rolbledo missed the ball at 20 meters and then it was 1-0 for Malmö at the 17th minute. Then 2-0 just before the half time and everything was done. Mjällby got a goal refused by the referee, a little too much home referee. We understand. It´s important that Malmö get champion, a lot of people etc...

Mjällby has lost points this year beeing the little team against the most etablished team. The referee alaways gave more credit to the big team. El Kabir has been hunted and punished this year in scandalous way like in Trelleborg for example.

The best today: Patrick Osiako, David Löfqvist. El Kabir never entered in the game, may be injured.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Kalmar happy with one point against Mjällby

Mjällby took one point in Kalmar on Sunday afternoon game. It´s a pity because there was place for a victory.

With 3 games left, Mjällby is at the 5th place.

Helsingborg 61 points
Malmö 58 points
Örebro 49 points
Elsborg 44 points
Mjällby 40 points

Juan Robledo was on the bench one more time.... Difficult for him but Robin Cedeberg is excellent since 4 games.

Adam Berner played some minutes more than usual.

Joahn Svensson is now playing from start since some games. Good for him. He is may be more playing that last year.

Patrick Rosengren was guest start in Kalmar and got a standing ovation. Cool people in Kalmar.

El Kabir scored and is playing his last game with Mjällby.

One more pass for Marcus Ekenberg.

Patrick Osiako was in top form and Tobias Grahn was keeping energy for the cup game of Thursday in Helsingborg.

Wille gave the ball back to Kalmar and we took a goal. It does not happend so often.

Next game Swedish cup on Thursday !

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mjällby - Halmstad 2 - 0 - El Kabir means the Great

Mjällby won Sundays game towards Halmstad with 2 - 0. The contract is thereby definitively secured after goals by Moestafa El Kabir and David L´Onion Löfquist, who has scored in the both winning games with Halmstad.

On this rather cold October afternoon Mjällby played their second last game home at Strandvallen towards an, on forhand, more motivated Halmstads BK. It was cold, but there was also a strong low autumn sun shining.

Despite some really good chances for both teams and a not too slow play at the beginning of the game, somehow the game developed into a light battle between two teams in the middle of the table. Media talk about El Kabir being too fast for Halmstads aging defence - 34 and 35 year old Jönsson and Zvirgzdauskas. But nobody has anything to say about the ages of Allsvenskans oldest player, Patrik Rosengren, 39, or Mjällbys goalie - more agile than ever - Mattias Asper, 36. Not in the slightest any problems to stop Halmstad.

Despite everything the first half ended without any goals. Yawn.

If Mjällby had had some problems in the first half, they where the clearly better team in the second half. But no goals at all worried a little. Until the 67th minute when El Kabir = the Great (178 cm) scored with the head. He got a delicate ball from Jesper Westerberg passed by Tobias Grahn and put his head. Nice!

Another goal from Mjällby had reassured their supporters, but nothing happened - until three minutes into injury time. L´Onion (Löfquist) had been doing a paler figure than lately the game through, without beeing bad. In his last rush he looked determined to change the judgement of his game. He passed his guy with the ball on his head and finished with a great shot into the elsewise wellplaying Robin Malmkvists right corner. 2 - 0 and game over.

Unfortunatelly L´Onion will miss the next game because of a third yellow card. Also Grahn collected a card of this color.

For the record Ekenberg started well and was involved in some actions especially in the first half. At the end of the game he shot a great shot in the woodwork and cannot be more near to score. Time to score in the next game? Also recent first time father (congratulations Lina and Johan) Johan Svensson made a good game and the home defence was solid. Asper great as mentioned.

Mjällby AIF - Halmstads BK 2-0 (0-0)

1-0 (67) Moestafa El Kabir, 2-0 (93) David Löfquist
Yellow cards, Mjällby: David Löfquist, Tobias Grahn. Halmstad: Tomas Zvirgzdauskas, Joe Sise, Jonas Gudni Saevarsson, Tommy Jönsson.
Referee: Sven–Martin Åkesson, Kode.
Spectators: 2 820.

Mjällby (4–4–2): Mattias Asper – Jesper Westerberg, Patrik Rosengren, Robin Cederberg, William Leandersson – David Löfquist, Daniel Nilsson, Tobias Grahn, Johan Svensson (Peter Gitselov 74) – Moestafa El Kabir (Emanuel Svensson 89), Marcus Ekenberg.

Halmstad (4–2-3–1): Robin Malmkvist – Tomas Zvirgzdauskas, Tommy Jönsson, Ryan Miller, Mikael Rosén – Emil Salomonsson, Jonas Gudni Saevarsson (Kristoffer Thydell 83), Anel Raskaj (Anselmo 75), Michael Görlitz, Marcus Olsson – Joe Sise.

Just four more games to play, three of them of Allsvenskan and one (or maybe two) of the Swedish Cup:

Next game: 24 October Kalmar FF - Mjällby
Semifinals of the Swedish Cup: 28 October Helsingborg - Mjällby
Next and last game at home: 1 November Mjällby - Åtvidaberg
Last game of the year: 7 November Malmö FF - Mjällby

Monday, October 04, 2010

IFK Göteborg 0 - 0 MAIF

Calm weather with slight rain this sunday in Gothenburg.
The grass of Gamla Ullevi looked like Strandvallen 1st of April 2010: completely crappy and bump.
Mjällby owned the first half, the second was more even. Alert at the 12th minute, Westerberg almost scored *against* with a very nice volley, but Asper was awake.
Good intentions in the middle, but too much inaccuracy in passes, often too long. Ball fault? IFK suffered of the same problem and it's their usual ball. Pitch problem? Rain problem?

Both defenses were very good at neutralizing attackers, and both keepers covered the rest. MAIF attackers lacked precision in front of the box, Hysén likewise (it's pretty much a one-man-show at IFK, which you can expect from their 4-2-3-1).

The veterans Asper and Bagarn were as good as we're used to.
Cederberg in great form like against the Zoo. Wille and Danne good. Osiako good at times but uneven. Johan Svensson OK. Löken in great form too. Westerberg and Eken were disappointing, did not succeed much anything at all, it smells the bench for next game. Gits in good form.

Robledo was not here but it was ok, has he lost his place? Same for Grahn.
Keep rotating Peter Swärd, the players must want be on the pitch.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Finally a victory: Mjällby AIF - Djurgården 3-0

Mjällby had not won since the 16 of August (MAIF- Örebro 1-0).

It´s only the second victory at home since the 15th of May (MAIF - Malmö FF 4-2)...

Peter Gitselov #9 was in picture for the game publicity in the newspapers this week and also in the program of the game. Good choice: he scored 2 goals: 72 minutes for 2-0 and then a "Gitselov Special" at the end of the game 90 minutes for a 3-0.

Mjällby played without Robledo suspended but Robin Cedeberg was great today. He was the first on the ball all the time, he was fast. The choice between Wille and Robin will be difficult for the next game.

Mjällby played also without Tobias Grahn, suspended. Patrick Osiako is back in top form. D. Nilsson and Osiako couple worked well.

Mjällby has now 35 points and with 35 points the allsvenskan contract for next year is ok.

3528 were in Strandvallen despite a strong north wind.

El Kabir could have had a penalty in first half . But he did not. It was the same against Helsingborg and in Borås against Elfsborg. Not penalty. Instead he got a yellow card. He will miss next game.

Marcus Ekenberg gave the tempo in the first half. Dynamic and postive agressivity.

What is happening to David Löfquist ? Excellent game. Incredible progress done by that guy in one year. He is in the start 11 now.

Mattias Asper got may be a cold today. Nothing to do.

Johan Svensson did may be his best game today.

Patrick Rosengren was one of the best today as susual.

5 games to go:

IFK Göteborg - Maif 3/10 -> 1 point
Maif - Halmstad 17/10 -> 3 points
Kalmar - Maif 24/10 -> 1 point
Maif - Åtvidaberg 31/10 -> 3 points
Malmö - Maif 7/11 -> o point

Total: 43 points !

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Elfsborg - Mjällby 2 - 0

Saturdays game in Borås was settled because of the fact that Mjällby got a red card due to chance on goal and also a penalty which the hometeam took care of easily, already in the first half of the game. Instead of three important points to keep the speed exactly with Elfsborg, Mjällby lost not only the game but possibly also three important players for the next game. One will be defender Jesper Westerberg who got the red card and the possible others are the two who left the pitch after injurys - Daniel Nicklasson already after 35 minutes and Moestapha El Kabir who took a lot of beating during the game and finally left the pitch on a stretcher.

We can sum up the game by stating that:

- Elfsborg won the game.
- Mjällby stood up well with one of the best Swedish teams, we knew already before the game that it would be very difficult to turn back with full points from Borås Arena where Elfsborg has not lost since a very long while. And after how the game developed, it went even more difficult.
- The Elfsborg victory was, if not fair, expected since we could not expect Mjällby to win away with one man less on the pitch.

We can also state that this was not the most beautiful game ever. In no sense. No glam football and rather nasty. As spectators coming from far it went more and more frustrating to see. "Clever" they might have been, the yellow home team, but very nasty with a good help from the referee who tries to be a nice guy (?). Better was the arrangements around the game and the treatment we got from the staff at Borås Arena.

I think Mjällby could bring back something they achieved towards Elfsborg, even if they will have mental as well as fysical marks to cure before next game which is already at Wednesday with Häcken at home. Mjällby, this time in red, was pushing and making life difficult for the yellow and black Elfsborg, who should not at all be happy with their performance (more than for the important points they brought home).

The game was actually not too much to see, in the first half both teams where pending while the second half was more a fight. Not until at the end of the first half things happened, and that was not in a good way for Mjällby.

First misery was when Nicklasson had to leave the pitch already after 35 minutes. He had until then made a very good game and made life hard for his defender. He was replaced by Peter Gitselov, who also came to make a good performance and could have been the hero of the game. His best chance to score came shortly after he came in. But wellplaying Ante Covic in the home cage returned the ball - where Tobias Grahn could manage to get it into the net. What a joy by the awaysupporters! But the assistant referee was of another opinion and on the replay screen we could also admit that Grahn was offside, but really not a lot. A goal at this point should have, of course, changed the game and most probably turn it out differently. Still it looked good for Mjällby and still everything seemed to turn Mjällbys way.

Then the big distaster occured. On the other side of the pitch, yes we where really to far to see anything, a yellow player (James Keane) gets the ball on the wrong side of the last Mjällby defender, Westerberg. Everything went very quickly but I would had voted for offside at this point. The guy fell very easily and the spectacle begun. We did not understand anything, but saw Westerberg leave the pitch and another yellow guy (Martin Ericsson) place the ball at eleven meters.

A red? But if the guy is offside?? And did they at all touch? According to the people we called at home who where in the front of the tv, or others in a better position, there was not contact and a possible offside. This is tought with a double punishment
and the question is still if it where right. I don´t think so even after checking the tv pictures after the game. Still nothing we can do about it afterwards.

On the following penalty Asper, who was good throughout the game (and furious at James Keane who twice kicked him in the softer parts), was chanceless and suddenly there is 1-0 for Elfsborg and one guys less in the field for Mjällby. Not really fair at this point with this goal but normally things can change, but playing more than half a game with one guy less would be tought.

At halftime Peter Swärdh choose to reinforce the defence by putting Robin Cederberg in the game. Instead a midfielder had to leave place. Nicklasson was already out and Swärdh choose Grahn. I don´t agree to this decision since Grahn so far had a good day at work and actually already tasted the scoring.

Obviously Mjällby would have a tough compit during the next 45 minutes and they did. But so did Elfsborg since the guests didn´t give up their game. One man less in a newcomers team should have made a bigger difference for a routinated team like Elfsborg. I cannot say that anyone played a football worth looking at. But Mjällby impressed by their stubborness and their will to attack "the big team", on their artificial grass and in their "castle".

What was more and more annoying and even painful to see how mean the Elfsborg players, many of them, where playing even trying to hurt the opponents. Worst was Jon Jönsson who got a yellow card after five minutes. I realise now afterwards that it was just after five minutes. During the game we waited and waited before the card came and it seemed long before it did. And he should surely had another one. (But you know, then he have had to leave the pitch, and that seems a little hard, doesn´t it?. Or?). One reason for nor liking this guy is because of his brutal treatment of El Kabir, kicking him on the feet during freekicks, or him and Otters treated Juan Robledo. In the opposite way El Kabir of course got a card.

I will not go into discussion here with neither the level of the referees or the fact of beeing consequent in your decisions and judgements or even to keep to the rule book (if the rule book say you should get a warning, you should - every time and not just sometimes depending on I don´t know what. How else could the players know how to behave and keep to the rules. How much of filming or arguing with the referee do you see in handball? Or in rugby - there you immediatelly loose meters every time you protest).

Well, enought about that. Good in Elfsborg? Goalie Ante Covic did a good game and behaved with big authority (which impressed the referee). The two substitutes Stefan Ishizaki (61) and Daniel Nordmark (80) where an injection for the Borås team. Nordmark became the nemesis for Mjällby by scoring at overtime. A very nice goal where Asper had no chance. 2-0 was a fact and Mjällby a beaten team.


- Elfsborg was the more "clever" team, doing the "right", but not always fair moves.
- Mjällby had after the double penalty very tought times and couldn´t do more than this. A pity they took a second goal and also a pity it all happened in this important "six points game".
- A very bitter loss for Mjällby with two injurys and a given defender out for the next game.

Next game is already at Wednesday, home towards Häcken.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

MAIF 1 - 1 Trelleborg

Long time no see. Fall is slowly coming but today was still summer. Sunny warm and no wind.

Mjällby started very fast and scored already in the 6th minute through Grahn after a lovely play Musse Pigg - Eken - Grahn.
MAIF had to shots on the poles, 1 Eken, 1 Musse Pigg. At that time it could have been 3-0

Around the 20th minute Robledo was injured in a heading duel and had to go out for some minutes. That was the turning-point of the game: MAIF slowed down waiting for Robledo to take back its place, and never took back the game.
Instead Trelleborg was invited back into the game and did it well. Trelleborg's goal came on a free kick after the ball bounced of Mjällby's defense to a lonely Haynes.
Speaking about free-kicks, I cannot remember MAIF shooting a single good one.

Trelleborg played very physical and ugly at times. 4 yellow cards could have been a couple more, the pajas-team was lenient.