Thursday, April 29, 2010

Djurgårdens IF-Mjällby AIF 1-0 (0-0)

It was only during the last fifteen minutes as the match took a little momentum on the Stockholm stadium. Until that the teams had not created a single real scoring opportunity except a couple of halfdangerous shots from Djurgården in the first half.

It was on Djurgårdens-counterattack in the 84th minute they made the winning goal. Kasper Hämäläinen passed the ball from the right edge to Kennedy Igboananike and he got a perfect hit with the head. Mattias Asper in Mjällbys goal was a without chance even thou he was standing near where the ball went past him, he seemed to have his weight on the wrong foot.

It is not so easy to score goal at Mjällby. Our team has taken zero goals five times - out of nine possible. A goal in the back was enough, however, for the loss. The offensive play was far too bad. Marcus Ekenberg with five goals, was this evening very anonymous.

El Kabir was doing some good stuff but had no real good opportunity except a couple of shots from long distance. In the end he got a yellow card when complaining at the referee. After Mjällby had changed him against another player when he was off the field he got the second yellow and red card. I don´t exeactly know if he will get more than one game suspension. He must learn to not complain so much and argue with the referee, otherwise he will get to many yellow and red cards.

Ivanovski was injured at the end at it looked bad, but as allways he recovered and went into the game the last minutes.

Also Gitselov, who was good as long as he played, was injured in the second half, and i hope he will be back on monday.

The best players today were, according to myself.
1. Mattias Asper who made some good saves
2. Jesper Westerberg, didn´t succeed totally but made some good offensive efforts and defensive he is also a good player.
3. Tobias Grahn, not his best performance, too many mistakes, but were better than the rest and had a couple of shooting-opportunities but was aiming to bad.

Next game Robledo will be back.

Stockholm and Djurgarden must feel ashamed about the very bad "grass". I think Mjällby was loosing most of the teams because of the lack of grass. The passes went wrong almost every time.

Now we must focus on beating IFK Göteborg and I think we have a good chance.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mjällby AIF - Helsingborgs IF 0 - 1 (0 - 1)

Dominating is not winning - dominer n´est pas gagner

Mjällby had as much as 64% of the ball possession, HIF had 36%. HIF had two shots on goal, one on each side of the half time. The first one of the two went in behind Mattias Asper. Not his fault, but as Peter Swärdh stated: a goal that came from now where. Mjällby made a defensive mistake and that was enough for rutinated Helsingborg. In the 34rd minute the games only goal was a fact through Eric Sundin, who for the rest of the game didn´t impress much. Actually not many did this wonderful evening at Strandvallen where 7000 people - full stadium - had made their pilgrimage .

It looked all good when the game started. Full stadium, nice songs from the HIF supporters, sun, a top meeting in Swedens highest football league and also the first Allsvenskan game ever between the teams. And the start of the game was not so bad either. But then, not more happened. It was a rather boring game with little chances. Helsingborgs Joel Ekstrand didn´t make the game much more exiting - but for the moment - when getting himself a red card while trying to cut the legs of El Kabir. Directly after the expulsion Conny Karlsson, HIF-coach, made a defensive change when putting out Rasmus Jönsson, who didn´t want to leave the pitch, giving place to Hannu Paltronen, and the game went more boring. Not because of Paltronen, but because of Helsingborg playing on the result. Mjällby didn´t managed to answer much and didn´t break through HIF:s rutinated, some might say brutal, defense.

The nearer the end Mjällby seemed to realize they had to equalize and managed better. Actually the referee was not on their side when he turned down two penalties! The first one on a hand from a HIF defender - the "true-penalty-version", when the player stopped the ball with his hand. The second when newly entered Peter Gitselov was brutally pushed down. Both situations can be seen here commented by SVTs Staffan Lindeborg:

Gitselov, was one of some few Mjällby hightlights.

Comments on the players effort:

One saving, one goal. He can not do much on the goal. For the rest of the time he didn´t have much to do.

Ok performance meeting a tough guy in Mattias Lindström. No mistakes. Very offensive at the end.

Fantastic again. Especially when he precisely picked the ball from Erik Sundin - to show in all footballschools. Though left a space with Robledo on the goal.

Playing performance ok, but his temper not. He got a second yellow card and was sent of the pitch. Might have been right in the cause (that it was corner to Mjällby in an important moment), but cannot be allowed to say anything to the referee whatsoever.

Really good. Better and better, more offensive all the time. Nice blue shoes.

Started better offensively than before this year. But weighted to light and was less good behind. A lot of wrong passes. Was replaced by Gitselov.

Did some great stuff like a fantastic pass with the head. Very good.

Mixed good work with bad passes. Not his best day.

Funny, offensive but had tought times. Was replaced by Johan Svensson.

I know, we have high expectations on the captain. It was really not his day, like the last games as well. But still had some wide shots. Takes a lot of loads on his shoulders.

El Kabir
Started as usual as a Duracell battery. Managed to offense the HIF defense, playingly as well as verbally. Got litterally cut down by Ekstrand after a good 30 minutes. After beeing helped off the pitch (we have seen people got their legs kicked off for less) he came back. But had lost his Duracell effect. Could that guy get affected anyway? Must also mention his new pink shoes.

Came in earlier this time (59), managed to make himself seen. Very positive and is knocking on the start eleven. Should start already next game. Will not go out again.

Played 20 minutes but we didn´t see him a lot.

Played about 10 minutes. Did what he had to do.

Now, just forget about this game - or better, learn from it - and pass on to next game away which is already thursday, in Stockholm playing Djurgården.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Häcken 0 - 1 MAIF

Sunny and weather in Rambergsvallen. 2203 spectators at the stadium, a little embarassing for a half-million inhabitants' town.

A quite balanced 1st half, occasions on both sides. 0-0 was not a steal in any way.
After the pause Häcken came back very agressive and had a couple of very danogerous occasions directly. Asper could not just sit and watch. MAIF was not undangerous though with their counter-attacks.
At the 58th minute Nicklasson on the left side near the central line sent a seemingly anonymous crossing to the center, Grahn lets it pass to Osiako behind, who immediatley made a very accurate pass to El Kabir, perfect control, little shoot feint, moves ahead 2 steps close to the zone line and shoots in the other side of the goal, goal. Nobody expected it at that time I think, it looked very much less dangerous than some other action. The Häcken keeper was very late, many defenders in front of him hiding the ball, and Eken's crossing the area free and with speed in the other direction was probably too much distraction.

I think too many players want to just score and play alone, instead of passing the ball when some colleagues are free. It was very much the case of Musse Pigg before he scored, Eken and Grahn had also a couple of situations. A lot of good balls ending up high in the sky nowhere close to the goal.

Eken missed 2 occasions, 1 with an open goal (although I believe that one was blown off), Gitselov and Nicklasson 1 each. None of the 3 was strong enough, so the keeper picked all 3 easily.

From the 70th minute the team fell back as usual, not holding the pressure up, too much to my taste, especially considering the 2 brasilians Häcken launched in made a lot of mess (one particular one ball landed on the upper side of Asper's net). Then suddenly some midfielders woke up at 85th minute and put a lot of pressure towards the end of the game.

Strong defense, Westerberg gets a lot of balls.
Still too many passing mistakes in the middle.
Eken not in his best day (again), but still draws a lot of defense attention.
Musse Pigg running like a maniac like usual, keeps the opponent team very low. I like that style better than 10-man defense.

Good referee, he didn't fall for any of the players' ugly tricks.

We comforted our 3rd place of the league with 14 points (out of 21 possible).
Next game on monday when we receive the current leader (1 match behind against 2nd Malmö FF).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Game 6: Mjällby 0 - 0 Kalmar

Tonight Mjällby is on the podium of Allsvenskan.

5000 people in Strandvallen, what a nice picture compare to empty stadium seen on C+ with for example GAIS empty stadium or Trelleborg... Sweden is looking to much Premiere League...

o-o tonight. At half time the French Minks where a little worried and all of us were thinking that a 0-0 would be not so bad. The 20 first minutes where completly dominated by Kalmar. A goal was refused for a off side... Tobias Grahn and Patrick Osiako were blocked by Kalmar players and specialy Daniel Sobralense.

In the second half, the home team was much more agressive and went back in the game.

Freekick: 14 - 14
Corner: 4-4
Off side 3-4
Yellow card 2-1
Red 0-0
Ball possession 56-44
Shot 5-8
Short on goal 1-3
Shot on the box 0-1

Mattias Asper
He saved his team in a double shot at 1 meter and then in a face to face with Abiola Dauda. Very safe on corner and high ball. Top level Asper.

Jesper Westerberg
Very good. It could be interesting to see how many balls he has got.

Patrick Rosengren
"the president". Laurent Blanc, leader of world champion France in 1998 was called like that. Impressing.

Juan Robledo
A little yellow but otherwise excellent.

Robin Cederberg
Not used as much as Westerberg, he was better in second halp and we could have mixed him with "the president" Rosengren.

Patrick Osiako
Top level game one more time. I do not see so far better player than him in the team we have met. If he continue like that he will not stay long in Mjällby.

Tobias Grahn
Back after 3 yellows, more clame, less agressive, very good. Very tired at the end.

Johan Svensson
Not his better game.

Daniel Nicklasson
Badly injured in second half. We have seen him leavging the stadium in a bad shape. Better second half.

Marcus Ekenberg
Not his better game but he had tuff time with Marcus Lindberg, one of the best actor of Sweden.

Moetafa El Kabir
A little too nervous. It´s a pity because he got the referee against him and he was in 2 penalty situation and the referee from France - Ireland (the hand of Henry) did not react... Otherwise, full speeed, the public likes him !


David Löfqvist
A lot of energy. Came in the game very good.

Peter Gitselov
Interesting player who is back from injury. To be followed and promesing.

Emanuel Svensson
He came at the end and had difficutlies with the physical impact. Recommendation: more time at "Open Gym".

Peter Swärdh and Nanne Bergstrand: good attitude during the game and at the press conference.

Referee Martin Hansson
He will go to South Africa ? He is the most hated man in Ireand after Thierry Henry. Sometimes it´s better to say nothing...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Next game: MAIF - Kalmar Thursday 19h00

Game 6:

Maif will play Kalmar on Thursday evening at 19h00. Kalmar has got only 3 points in 5 games... For the 2008 champion, it´s a very bad start. In case of victory, Mjällby will have 13 points, which could put Kalmar at 10 points.

This game will be also a geographic concurrence in the south of Sweden even if the derby for Kalmar is more with Öster.

For our reader from all over the world, they should know that Patrick Rosengren is the link between the 2 teams. He has been playing in Kalmar many years. Kalmar striker Abiola Dauda has started his carreer in the small of Sölvesborg SGIF in 2006.

Some informations before the game:

- Patrick Rosengren should be back from injury.

- Tobias Grahn is back after 3 yellow cards.

- Patrick Osiako seems to be in top form. He did only one game less performing at the last home game.

- Juan Robledo should be happy to have his old friend back in the backline. Juan Robledo has never been so succefully offensive on corner, freequick etc... Impressing.

- Moestafa El Kabir is missing a little more goals to be the top recruitment of Allsvenskan 2010. Everybody is impressed by his fighting.

- Daniel Ivanovski should loose is place because Patrick Rosengren is back.

- Craig Henderson and Peter Gitselov are still injured.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Halmstad 1 - 2 MAIF

Victory away today in Halmstad. Mjällby did a good first half, but still took the first goal. Free kick on the left side after a foul on Joe Sise, and it's the same guy who ends up all alone in the middle of MAIF's defense and quite simply pushes it in.
Luckily MAIF came back with 2 almost identical goal. They both started with a corner from the left shot by Cederberg.
Shot #1 was a little long but Eken put it back in the middle, it bounced on a bunch of Halmstad players, who disturbed the keeper quite a bit actually, and ended up right in front of Niklasson alone on the left, who shot quite hard and tunneled 2 defenders (#6 and #9) on the way.
Shot #2 was a little shorter and on Robledo's head, it took on 2 Halmstad defenders but went through, Löken was behind and pushed it in.
3 goals in roughly 20 minutes, there was action.

The second half was a disaster from MAIF's side, we were really lucky the Halmstad attackers were not more (lucky), or it could have ended with several goals back. Halmstad was eating us in the middle, our defenders were playing too easy, we were putting ourselves in difficult situations times and times over. Special minus-mention for Ivan that has not come up to speed and created several dangerous situations.

Mr Referee had also a very average 2nd half in my opinion, missing several ugly fouls on MAIF and whistling against us as soon as we only approached an opponent. Hashing the game's rythm.

Asper did a good game. The defense gave him no chance on the goal, only luck could have saved it.
Right defender Westerberg (who has shaved and no longer looks like Mellberg) continues to make a very strong impression.
Ivan must raise his level, too many approximations and passes to the opponent (and fouls).
Robledo average for 2 games now, some very good actions and some quite bad just after. Although admittedly it cannot be easy to bring the confidence and vision of the game that Bagarn usually brings in our defense.
Cederberg OK on his side
Nicklasson and Johan Svensson did an OK game on their sides. Defending more than they used to, which is appreciated.
Osiako ok, did several saves and had more space to play than last time against Gefle.
Löken too slow and cannot handle tight spaces, must raise his level for Allsvenskan.
Eken did an ok game, maybe not as dominant as usual but involved in many actions.
Mostapha "Muss Pigg" El Kabir was running like a maniac after every ball, he's a real pain in the ass for all defenses and draws a lot of people.

The youngsters that entered (Emmanuel Svensson for Daniel Nicklasson, Christofer Nilsson for Johan Svensson) did bring energy but even more approximative shots.

Anyway, 5 games and 10 points, 4th of the league and many big shots behind us. Not many had tipped those position 1 month ago.
By the way I think the triple champions of last year will get a new trainer very soon, the same guy that said he wouldn't want to take any player from MAIF and really thought he'd be champion again this year, just now he's 2nd... from the bottom with only 1 goal made. Ha ha ha I lough...

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Mjällby lost the homegame against Gefle on sunday afternoon 1-3 (0-1).

I think Mjällby started the game playing good but there was not so many good opportunities in the beginning, but I thought that we will win this game.
After a while the players in the midfield was loosing moore and moore and Gefle was coming into the game.

In minut 23 Gefle had the ball on their right side and went on forward. Grahn was maybe a little too passive and also Wille so the Gefle-guy was able to pass the ball nice into the middle some meters in front of Asper and there was Lantto, allsvenskans shortest player, heading the ball into the goal. Robledo could not stop Lantto but the problem was in the moment before when the passing was going in from the sideline. The guy on the right wing should not be allowed by Grahn and Wille to pass the ball. Geflar Skid!

Just after the second half begun, Gefle scored again and it was a very easy goal. A passing behind Cederberg and Ivanovski (playing on the left that was not so good for him). The Gefle attacker ran faster than Ivan and just put an easy chip over Asper.

After some minutes Gefle-keeper shot a long ball up inte the air and Cederberg missed to hit the ball and suddenly Gerndt was alone with Asper. Some says that Asper should have taken the shot, but I don´t know. Maybe if Asper had been lucky, but it´s not so much to say about it more than Geflar skid! The problem was that Gerndt shouldn´t got the opportunity at all and Cederberg shall hit the ball - not miss it.

20 minutes later in minute 74 Eken got the ball on the left wing from Grahn ran away from 2-3 Gefle defenders and just put the ball low beside the keeper. A good action from Eken!

After that Robledo scored but the referee blowed the whistle because offside. I don´t know, it was hard to see but if it was offside it was bad from Robledo standing offside on a freekick.

Berner got into the game the last minutes and had a loose shot in the post.

Mjällby was playing better than Gefle and had the ball 65% of the time but Gefle was super-effective at the same time as Mjällby defenders was not playing at their best level. Mjällby had som more opportunities, for example Eken with a freekick almost touching the post and some headers.

I think that El Kabir was Mjällbys best player today. Also Westerberg had a good game. Grahn, Osiako, Ivan and Cederberg have to play better in the future.

There was almost 5000 people watching the game. Because of the other teams in allsvenskan didn´t got so many points, Mjällby is still in fourth position. But now there are some more difficult games, Halmstad away where Mjällby have Grahn, Bagarn and DNilsson not playing because of injuries and too many warnings. After that we will meet Kalmars Red Brothers on Strandvallen on thursday the 15/4 and Häcken away on the following monday. We can just hope Mjällby will take som points.