Monday, September 26, 2005

MAIF toolbar for your explorer

I have created a toolbar for the dedicated MAIF fan, with all the common links.

You get it from here, download the file and execute it.

If you'd like other features to be added, feel free to comment here.

Forza MAIF

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Congratulations MAIF

I've been away this week-end, but SuperMink kept me informed almost in real-time of MAIF's fantastic game. And the unfortunate (he he he...) defeat of Degerfors in the last minute (we know all too well how that feels). And Västra Frölunda lost too (he he he...). So we are now only 3 points away from being above the line.

I said in my previous post I was convinced we could win all the remaining games, and I still do. To all players: please continue like that. Please continue to make us proud.

A little bit of statistics from SuperEttan: Olsson is 3rd ex-aequo of the shooter's league with 12 goals this season. Dusan is also fairing quite ok in the keeper's league. We supporters are there no matter what and MAIF is a fair team too.
I.e. we have every reason to be in SuperEttan. This year, and next year just as well.

Forza MAIF!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Väsby United - Mjällby AIF 0-5 !!!!!!!!!!!

Fantastic victory of Mjälby 5-0 against Väsby one of the best team of superettan. Before that game, the goal of Väsby Niklas Westberg was leading the goal keeper performance . It shows the performance of the guys.

15 0 - 1
Fredrik Olsson Mjällby AIF
41 0 - 2
Marcus Ekenberg Mjällby AIF
60 0 - 3
Fredrik Olsson Mjällby AIF
81 0 - 4
Pavel Zavadil Mjällby AIF
82 0 - 5
Fredrik Olsson Mjällby AIF

In the same time Degerfors has lost at home against Örebro 1-2 with a goal at the ... 94 th minute.

Mjällby is back at 3 points from Degerfors.

NB: the picture has been taken in Gamla Ullevi after the historic victory against GAIS.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mink Presentation

Hi Minks,

you are in picture!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

MAIF in the news

PresidentMink had the copyright on the "Pavelinho" name, but Sydöstran picked it up:

Another article about Pavel in the other local newspaper:,104;0;0;0

Now if we can do anything to keep Pavel longer than the season out in MAIF, supposedly his contract is out mid of next year, then we should. Ze French Minks will support.
Although according to the reference, he's worth like 1 million euros, so you'd better all start clicking on the ads so we have something to put in the hat for this year's edition of "Slanta för MAIF"!!!

Also don't forget to support all the other players in the team, they deserve it just as well.

Monday, September 19, 2005

SvenskaFans match review

It is now possible to read what Svenska Fans thought about yesterdays game at (in swedish):

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Victory home 3-2 against IFK Norrköping

The game started a little bit slowly, with many missed passes in the middle. MAIF was however most dangerous, with already 3 shots at the goal in the 1st quarter. Norrköping on the other hand did not manage to get through our defense, and blew away the few occasions where they did. But too many missed passes, a too easily read game lead to Norrköping actually opening the score on their 1st occasion. But MAIF players did not lower their arms and continued to push. Many alerts around Norrköpings goal, notably Johan's kick from the left side on the 2nd pole, we all see it in but it bounces back out.
Then came MAIF's 1st goal: free-kick from the right, Hirsa head at the 1st pole but it touches the bar (again!), goes on to Simon's head now, who adjusts it in. Norrköping's joy did not last long, and this goal kind of cut their legs a bit. A few minutes later, a kalabalik in Norrköping's area, the ball goes in and out a couple of times, Pavel gets a shot, it seems to touch a defenser's leg slightly. Nobody really knows where the ball is. Well, it's happily rolling into the cage. 2-1 at half-time with Mjällby being most dangerous, but still wasting too many occasions and too many passes, gives a lot away to Norrköping who, luckily, doesn't manage to make anything out of them.

Apparently the 11 Norrköping supporters
Start of the game: so far so good...where not too happy about their team's performance: at the half time they turned their banner upside-down:At half-time: MAIF leading 2-1, not so good anymore...
2nd half starts just where the 1st left off. Most occasions on MAIF's side, but MAIF does not keep the ball and lets Norrköping build their game. And they come back to 2-2 on a head after a corner-kick. Nothing to say, it was a well done goal. Mjällby still pushing. Norrköping wants their 3rd goal bad, so they start to send a lot of players up, too many, making them vulnerable to counter-attacks. And on a counter-attack comes the finest goal. Mostly every body in Mjällby's half, MAIF steals the ball (Eken then Johan), long pass to Olsson in the middle who runs like only he does, he gets and keeps the ball, Pavel has followed, calls for the ball on the right, perfect pass from Olsson, Pavel gets in Norrköping's area, freezes his defender with a little hook, on his left foot, and shoots immediately, not very strong but high and with lots of re-entering effect, straight into the net. Fantastic goal, the keeper couldn't do anything. A goal like we've seen Zizou make, but not so many here in Strandvallen. Now the whole Stadium is on fire, the Strubbarna have finally woken up. Norrköping wants to equalize again, sends in all their forces, but MAIF stays strong and could (should) actually score a couple others. Final score 3-2. Same hero again, but the whole team was strong and managed to create these goals.
Good game of Eken who, from his position as right attacking midfield, got some field, as he needs, and was involved in many dangerous actions.

And of course a Green Card to Pavel for his game, especially the 3rd goal which was world-class.

You may wonder why nothing for Simon? Well, he did score a goal, yes, but for the rest he was not outstanding, too slow on many actions, falls easily but does not get back on his feet quick. I tend to prefer the Johan method, where we barely have the time to see him on his knees that he's already back up (ok, Johan has less distance from down to up, but still). So no green card.

And because I have to find something negative, I'd say the same like every game before this season: we are not enough agressive in the middle. Dusan sends the ball away, and most often nobody even tries to receive it. The opponents have the ball, and we just look at them and back as they move forward.
And also, why don't we at the sitting läktare get any cheering/player victory dance when we win, is that an exclusive for the Strubbarna? Who by the way where not very present today again. Borderline they get another yellow, lucky for them we win this one, I might have blamed it on them otherwise.
And the referee was average, let play on many occasions where he should have blown, and blew where he should have let go. He was happily handing out yellows, 7 total, 2 of which to the same Norrköping player who had specialized in nasty tackles from the back. Not quite worth a yellow one, but far from best in class.
And I won't lower myself to commenting Norrköping's trainer's comments from the press-conference, it only shows they don't belong in as high as this league.

The pity is that both Västra Frölunda and Degerfors won today too, i.e. we are still 2nd from the end and didn't close any gap ahead of us in the ranking. If we can take Norrköping who is 6th of the league, then we can win every one of the 5 remaining games. Or shall I say we must?...

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Congratulations SGIF!

Sölvesborgs first team and the second of Listerlandet will advance one division thanks to their saturday win in the local derby against Hörvikens IF.

Next year we will see SGIF play in the new division 2.

Next game: Mjällby AIF - IFK Norrköping Sunday 18th of September 16h00

1 - 2nd best scorer of superettan out

On Sunday Mjällby will play against Norrköping. Bruno Santos will miss that game because he got a red card against Ljungskile (defeat 0-2 at home).

Best scorer Superettan 2005

Player Team Goal Penalty
Wilton Figuiredo GAIS 13 2
Bruno Santos IFK Norrköping 11 3
Jörgen Wålemark Ljungskile SK 11 0
Olof Guterstam IF Brommapojkarna 9 0
Fredrik Olsson Mjällby AIF 9 0

List of the players who will miss next game

Patrik Sundqvist Boden
Martin Ekström BP
Anders Augustsson Ljungskile
Larmin Ousman Ljungskile
Bruno Santos Norrköping
Anders Whass Norrköping
Martin Andersson Västerås
Anton Holmberg Västerås
Johan Svensson Västerås
Christian Söderberg Västerås
Fredrik Elgström Åtvidaberg
Eddie Åhman Åtvidaberg
Emin Nouri Öster

Note that ther are 4 players from Västerås in the list. One other player from Norrköping will miss the game: Anders Whass.

2 - Match to follow:

2005-09-17 - 16h00
Västra Frölunda IF-IF Brommapojkarna
A defeat of Frölunda is welcome.

Bodens BK-Degerfors IF
Västerås SK FK-Falkenbergs FF
A victory of Boden is expected.

3 - Table

Follow the link and see the table of superettan.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Remember GAIS - MAIF: 8th of August 05

This picture has been taken some minutes after the end of the historic game GAIS – MAIF 2-3 the 8th of August. You will recognize the Balkan team and FrenchMink 6 and 7.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Next stop, Norrköping, nobody goes down

Next game is home against IFK Norrköping (6th of the league). They lost tonight 0-2 home against Ljunskile (4th). Better, the guy who scored 1/3rd of their goal this year got 2 yellow ones, so he's not gonna play on sunday. They did not manage to materialize the few occasions they had in the 1st half (reminds me of another team...), and forgot to run after the ball in the 2nd (that too...). The manager is "trying" to find a solution to their current bad trend.
That's all good for us, their morale will be low, they miss a scorer. They expect to win against us, let's give them a big surprise! Besides, they are takeable.

Anyway, we barely have the choice but to win this one if we are to stay in SuperEttan so, you guys know what you have to do. And you do know how to do it too, just show it to us, home. Blame it on the "Cratz-effect" or the "Thomas-action" if you want, I don't care, just win it!

And by the way, I have seen too many losses this year in Strandvallen, the ratio "yearly ticket price per victory" feels a bit steep right now. So, really, loosing is not an alternative.

See you in Strandvallen on sunday, 16:00.

Forza MAIF!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Victory at Degerfors (1-2)

Don't know if there's a Cratz-effect, but the team won today away against Degerfors. Goals from Eken and Simon.

The whole game summary on SvenskaFans.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Who's next head coach?

Let's get the rumor-mill steaming.

Who do you think will/should be MAIF's next head-coach?

I tipped Svennis. Up to you now, comment.

A new orientation to his career

Sören Cratz will no longer train MAIF. MAIF's board and players decision from today. Thomas Andersson will be head coach for at least until the end of the season. Let's hope we get the same scores as the B-team.

Apparently my last yellow (yes, I do like to think that I had something to do with the decision) was the last one, he had gathered some more during the season so now he's suspended permanently.

We should contact Svennis as a replacement, because he might need a new job soon.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A classy goal

0-1 victory for Sweden in Hungary. An absolutely fantastic goal from Zlatan in the 91st minute. The whole stadium, and certainly many TV spectators, were in shock, he managed to put it in an impossible angle and nobody saw it coming. The keeper certainly didn't see the ball fly by.
Sweden was not best on the field, but they managed to turn it around. By being agressive, by staying focused, all the way to the end. And it paid off.

Olsson and Eken, I hope you watched carefully. I want to see some more action like that in Strandvallen. Feel free to score away too.

For those wondering, it is related to MAIF because Chippen, our honorary member, was on the field, and he's a MAIF:are too.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Where are the visitors from?

Are there some visitors of this blog from abroad (not Sweden)?

Picture from the game MAIF - TFF

Upon popular request, here's a picture of both teams just before the initial whistle:

So far so good...

Possible reason for defeat

I'm not sure who's these are, but they were on the side of the plane when the game started:
Who forgot to put his shoes on?That might explain sunday's performance. To some extent.
Or maybe not.

Monday, September 05, 2005

One forgotten yellow

I just realized I forgot to give the Yellow Card I had promised myself to give to the SillaStrubarna for not attending last game. Not awakely anyway.

Strandvallen is not a place to have a nap, or recover from the previous day's hang-over, or whatever-the-hell it was that made you Strubbarna be absent from the scene. You guys made us feel we were at the away-game in Trelleborg again.

So now I have.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

0-1 defeat against Trelleborg

This was one of the worst games I have seen at home this season.

First off the SillaStrubarna were on strike somehow. We did not hear a song, not 1. The Trelleborg supporter were like 8, and they managed to fill the stadium with the 3 songs they knew.

As to the Trelleborg players, they were not overly impressive, they got like 3 occasions and made 1 goal out of it.
But MAIF was worse. There was no rythm to speak of, not until the 78th minute when Alex and Phille got in. A lot of misunderstandings between players. No agression, we let Trelleborg move forward, we let them take all the headers. We got clear occasions, and made nothing out of them. Like when Olsson manages to go 1-on-1 with the goal-keeper, should have fixed it on his own, but instead gives to Johan on the right, who shoots with the very tip of his foot so it looks like a pass to the goal keeper rather than a real shot. Johan, take 1 more step and BAM, a real shot. And the kalabalik in the 1st half in TFF's surface. The typical thing were we get a goal when it's in ours, but here we're not able to score. And what about the apparent inability/unwillingness of the players to shoot at the goal if they're more than 5 meters away. Give it a try for god's sake! Use the few occasions where the defenders give you a break and you're at shooting distance and the field in front of you is fairly open. And the free kick from Pavel just in front of the surface. We all hoped for a GAIS-are, it was well shot, powerful, worked-out but... right on the keeper! 2 meter to the left and the keeper could't have taken it, he just wouldn't have had time.

Sören was not very inspired today either:
  • Jonas is not fit yet, let him rest. I'd rather not see him than see him make a fool out of himself like today. There are plenty of young recruits that could have played today. I want to see Alex on the left side from the start. Then on that line Tobbe, Pavel and Johan/Hirsa.
  • How the hell did Olsson end up as a right midfielder for half of the game?!? He runs like a rabbit, he's supposed to be at the top, he ain't no midfielder.
So for today's effort, and inability to change anything until way too late, I give Sören one Yellow Card.

In the back I hope we get Wille back soon, so we'd have more opportunities to see Simon at the front. That's 2 games he puts some mess up there when he finally gets a chance. Get well soon Wille, but please don't rush back like Jonas! I want to keep in mind a good picture of you, the picture from your solid play this spring.

Also one thing to note is that neither Alex, once in, nor Johan did get very many balls, like so many other games this season. They were most often alone on their aisles, calling for the ball, and still we tried to get through in the middle, where Trelleborg had their 4 midfielders and we were 2, or maybe 1 and a half considering Jonas' prestation today. When are you guys going to start using the whole width of the plane, and not only the central 15m?

The referee was relatively fair, although he could have given a couple more yellows especially to the very agressive TFF defense, for 98% of the game today. Except at the end, when Simon headed what should have been an equilizing goal, if not for a defender's hand on his goal line. Which none of the referees saw, but apparently all the players did. The defender admitted after the game that he did use his hand. That should have been a Red Card for the player and a penalty for us. And also when the keeper deviates the ball out and we don't get a corner-kick, that felt weird. Somehow. So for those misses, despite a good effort, mr referee I have to give you a Yellow Card.

On a side note, I want to give a Green Card (I know these don't exist, but I'm sure you get the point) to Sandström, for his performance the last 5-6 games. He may be the lightest guy in the league, there's not much that goes by him on his side, and he's there the whole 90 minutes. I want all 11 players to show that level of dedication.

There are not 20 games left to play, we can't afford any such lousy play, this one should have been at least 2-1. Skärpning! And that goes to all: the players, the coach, the referee, the strubbarna.

Mjällby AIF 0 - 1 Trelleborg FF: Vata's hand ?

One more time Mjällby has lost at home due to a supid goal taken during the first half. Jonas has lost the ball in the midfield and then goal... It's a pity because Trelleborg was not fantastic. The players were so happy at the end. It´s like they had won the champions league. Remember the game in Trelleborg. It was the same evening as Milan AC - Liverpool. We had spend a good time in the pub. 2 hours before MAIF had lost 4-0... with two penalty against.

The referee had been so nice with Trelleborg that day. By the way, the stadium is very nice but what a poor public. There was just a few people and the majority was over 65 (there is a special price for retired people).

Back to the game of today: It seems that a Trelleborg player has put the ball out from the line with his hand. It's like the hand of Vata during Benfica - O. Marseille 1990 (OM PresidentMink will give the exact date). From my place I couldn't see but I get the information from a MAIF player. He says that even the Trelleborg guy said he put it away with his hand. It would have been penalty and red card... It would have been another game.

The supporters were on strike. Why ? It was not clear. It's the first time I see that since 4 years.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Added ads

You may have noticed that I have added Google ads in the sidebar to the right. The purpose is not for me to get rich (although I wouldn't mind), but to:
  • Raise money so Ze French Minks can get a panel among other sponsors around the field. If this sponsor money can help the team get a couple other Pavel or Dusan, or keep an Olsson or a Jonas at MAIF, then we're all happy.
  • If a pajas misjudges us, and we happen to tell him he's a djävla pajas, and the club gets fined, we can take our responsibilities and support. The purpose is not to encourage shouting at all referees over nothing, some do their job good. It is just to help out the club in difficult times. When we get a pajas.
I have no idea how much we'll be able to raise, if it's gonna be remotely enough, etc... but we have to give it a try. It doesn't cost anything anyway.

To the board: if you have a negative opinion on the presence of these ads, please debate it with me in private first.

Open comments again

OK so after some 5 minutes of reading the help I have done a minor configuration change to the commenting system, which requires you to type in a word as shown on a picture. This is to validate someone is actually sitting in front of the computer typing the comment. I'm not sure it will do the trick to 100%, but at least it will prevent the automated spam.
I give it a try for some time, and if we still get polluted I'll reverse back to members-only.

On a side note, the whole base-team (ze board + contributor) is registered and activated now, so I hope the flow of entries will increase.