Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mink News

Hello all MAIF fans! We passed the 10,000 visits threshold today, so we know you are many. Either that or you don't know of another web-site to look at so you just keep on returning here...

Anyway, it's been a long time since last article and a lot of things have happened. As SuperMink reported from the yearly club meeting earlier this week, there are new faces in the troup.

The start of the season is still distant (first game on 16/4, first game at home in Strandvallen on 22/4), but the players have resumed training, and training games are starting already next week against Halmstad and Kristianstad. The first one is in the week and a bit far, but the game against Kristianstad is on a saturday and closer, so it could be a good occasion to get ourselves an opinion on the new recruits. It's also good to see some teams of AllSvenskan in front of us.

Finally, the club is looking for more arms willing to help during and around the games. More info on MAIF's page. Who knows, maybe I'll be the next speaker and you the next sausage guy! ;-)

Monday, January 29, 2007

Yearly meeting 2006

David Löfqvist from SGIF.

- Senior player and Sillastrybarnas player 2006: Johan Persson.

- Junior player: Adam Larsson.

- Regarding the synthetic playground, MAIF will try to go their own way and not wait for the commune of Sölvesborgs decision. On the yesterdays meeting MAIFs Björn Gidö proposed a way to finance it. The best way is to start a new company (aktiebolag) owned by Mjällby to avoid red numbers and risk to loose the elite - license. The target is too get the playground ready this summer.

- Turn over 2006: 13 Msek and 422 ksek benefit. Thank you Chippen transfered from Anderlecht to Nantes and F.Olsson transfered to Helsingborg.

- The young Kenyan 20 years old Patrick Osiako has signed a 3 years contract with MAIF. His the 3rd player owned by the MAIF support AB after Sasa and Dusan.

- Tomas has presented the new players who were present: Richard Fransson, David Löfqvist, Patrick Osiako and Besim Shulemaja.

- Not present: Sasa and Marcello.

Johan Persson player of the year.

Besim Shulemaja from Saxemara.

Richard Fransson new goal keeper from Karkskrona.

Patrick Osiako 3 years contract.

Dusan new look.