Monday, October 04, 2010

IFK Göteborg 0 - 0 MAIF

Calm weather with slight rain this sunday in Gothenburg.
The grass of Gamla Ullevi looked like Strandvallen 1st of April 2010: completely crappy and bump.
Mjällby owned the first half, the second was more even. Alert at the 12th minute, Westerberg almost scored *against* with a very nice volley, but Asper was awake.
Good intentions in the middle, but too much inaccuracy in passes, often too long. Ball fault? IFK suffered of the same problem and it's their usual ball. Pitch problem? Rain problem?

Both defenses were very good at neutralizing attackers, and both keepers covered the rest. MAIF attackers lacked precision in front of the box, Hysén likewise (it's pretty much a one-man-show at IFK, which you can expect from their 4-2-3-1).

The veterans Asper and Bagarn were as good as we're used to.
Cederberg in great form like against the Zoo. Wille and Danne good. Osiako good at times but uneven. Johan Svensson OK. Löken in great form too. Westerberg and Eken were disappointing, did not succeed much anything at all, it smells the bench for next game. Gits in good form.

Robledo was not here but it was ok, has he lost his place? Same for Grahn.
Keep rotating Peter Swärd, the players must want be on the pitch.


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