Monday, July 26, 2010

Brommakids-Mjällby 1-0 (0-0)

We have not written here since Strandvallen got new grass and some other facilities. I can say that the grass looks good and Wille said in a newspaper-article that it was the best grass he has played on. Strandvallen also have a new TV-studio and heating (solar-energy) under the grass.

Last weekend Mjällby and Brommakids played 0-0 at Strandvallen. It was a rainy warm day (after the game it was very sunny and nice). Mjällby played good and had some opportunities but missed or Bromma-keeper Nordfeldt took the shots. I must say that this young keeper have played very good against Mjällby in both games and if they had a more "normal" keeper maybe Mjällby had got 6 points instead of 1. Mjällby was much butter than BP in this game so it was a big dissapointment with just 1 point. If Mjällby had scored just 1 goal all the spectators would had thougt that it was a fantastic game, but now just dissapointment.

But now, little about the last game in Stockholm. BP is not famous for the nice arena with many spectators... This time 1200-1300 persons! It was raining all the game and I think it was cold also.
Mjällby started the game good and had som good shots from Nicklasson and Ekenberg and the keeper couldn´t hold the ball. Ekenberg had a good header but Nordfeldt saved fantastic good. El Kabir, who was playing good, had a very very good opportunity but a defender (Korkmaz) was lucky to save when the ball had passed the keeper and was near to go into the goal.
BUT, after about 30 minutes Mjällby was playing less good and BP was taking over more and more. Asper didn´t look so safe as usually and BP hade a couple of opportunities, but missed.
I minute 62 Imad Chhadeh scored when he got a passing from the player on the left wing. Maybe Westerberg should have stopped the passing and maybe Bagarn should have been nearer his opponent, but now Chhadeh was un-marked and scored easily without a real chance for Asper.
After the goal (I think it was after) El Kabir had a very good shot and the ball licked the post. Nordfeldt had not taken the ball if it had gone the other side of the post.
Mjällby did not play so good the rest of the game and BP could have been scoring one more time but they didn´t. Instead, the referee maybe thought the game was a little boring and wanted to play with cards... He gave a lot of yellow in second half, some of them should not have been yellow with another referee. El Kabirs first yellow was very easy and even BPs keeper said after the game that it was not yellow. Osiako got yellow for putting the ball away 1 second after the referee had blowed the whistle. Asper got yellow for I don´t know what.
El Kabirs second came after he had protested against a correct warning on Grahn and thown the ball in the ground. El Kabir MUST LEARN TO SHUT HIS MOUTH and respect the referee, even when the referee is a BIG PAJAS like todays referee Martin Strömbergsson. I think the referee is maybe too young and he has not enough experience to be referee in Allsvenskan. He just picked up the card too fast when he should have talked with the players some of the times.

I some of the last minutes of the game Mjällby got a freekick just outside the penaltyarea. Löken shot very good but Nordfeldt saved fantastic again. If the ball had went some inches higher I think it had been goal.

Well, well. Mjällby should have got atleast 4 points against the Kids but got 1 point. Now we have to beat AIK at Strandvallen and I think it shall be possible, but maybe we will have some offensive problems now when El Kabir is out (again).


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