Sunday, August 29, 2010

MAIF 1 - 1 Trelleborg

Long time no see. Fall is slowly coming but today was still summer. Sunny warm and no wind.

Mjällby started very fast and scored already in the 6th minute through Grahn after a lovely play Musse Pigg - Eken - Grahn.
MAIF had to shots on the poles, 1 Eken, 1 Musse Pigg. At that time it could have been 3-0

Around the 20th minute Robledo was injured in a heading duel and had to go out for some minutes. That was the turning-point of the game: MAIF slowed down waiting for Robledo to take back its place, and never took back the game.
Instead Trelleborg was invited back into the game and did it well. Trelleborg's goal came on a free kick after the ball bounced of Mjällby's defense to a lonely Haynes.
Speaking about free-kicks, I cannot remember MAIF shooting a single good one.

Trelleborg played very physical and ugly at times. 4 yellow cards could have been a couple more, the pajas-team was lenient.


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