Thursday, September 28, 2006

Back to Mjällby - Väsby in pictures (2-0)

Hasse Larsson effect ?

Presentation of the teams.

Behind the goal.

Strandvallen public.
"It´s ok I take it"

Since the begining mister referee !

No comment...

Lalala !!

Väsby coach trying to explain the defeat.

2nd goal for Alexander Malmström.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Survival in Pajas Academy (MAIF 2-0 Väsby United)

Today we managed to win against Väsby United today, 2-0, goals of Olsson at the 11th minute and Alex at the 91st minute on penalty.

It started all quite well, pass from Tobbe near the central point, Olsson brings the ball up, while fighting side-by-side with a defender for half of Väsby side, then Väsby's keeper comes towards Olsson, who somehow finds a small hole and pushes the ball in the net. A goal like we had not seen from Olsson in a while, but we still like those, so Fredrik, don't hesitate to please us more often, we like it!
Then for the rest of the first half it was all Mjällby, Väsby were not able to build anything at all. Their attacks lead nowehere, their counter attacks were too slow to surprise anyone, their passes were highly inaccurate. Nothing worked for them.

The second half starts and the Väsby player seem to have got a proper yelling at during the break, they start to play better. On the pitch, Mr referee has less and less clues about what's going on (see details below). At the 60th minute, Ivanovski gets hurt, and Mjällby all of a sudden literally stops going forward. Now Väsby have the space to make their game, and the dangerous situations follow one another tightly. Shortly after, Wille gets hurt too. In with Sandström for Ivanovski, Alex for Wille, Berner for Olsson (not hurt). Very frustrating last 20-25 minutes, no good actions from MAIF. Finally Tobbe is taken down in the surface at the 91st minutes and, out of nowehere, Mr referee seems to have finally remembered what a penalty is, and actually blows it. It was so unexpected that nobody actually believed it at first and started yelling yet another time at him. Anyway, Alex walks up, very safe, and scores.

Today, we were lucky that the Väsby players were not good finishers, because they were in position to shoot in many occasions, only their balls flew away nowehere most often.

Green Card to:

  • Sjöfors, don't move back to your normal position in the front, you're never better than as a defender, very solid today
  • Lindberg, managed somehow to hold back all of Väsby's assaults in the last 30 minutes
  • Dusan, had a lot to do today, but managed to hold a clean sheet
  • Johan P, very active and agressive as usual
  • Olsson, nice goal, lot of activity today, trying to do part of Eken's job (absent today)
  • Alex, only 10 minutes on the pitch but did not hesitate half a second to shoot and score a penalty at the 91th minute
  • Ivanovski, very safe and quick, but got hurt at the end

Yellow Card to Jermaine Hue: not enough hard-working, tries a lot of stuff that, if they worked, would be fantastic. Problem is, they never work. Not Zizou quite yet. A number of wrong passes, a lack of tempo or sometimes even breaks the tempo. Must improve his level if he wants to keep his place in the start 11.

Red Card to the pajas. I think he was actually even worse than Mr Pajas himself, it was pityful.
Example: Olsson gets a free-kick against him at the 5rd minute for high foot, 30 cm from the ground. In the 2nd half, Johan S gets a full force kick in the face, but nothing there. Ok, Johan is not the tallest guy, but still.
Several times players were literally taken down in the surface (and I don't mean only MAIF players) but nothing.
Gave 2 yellow-cards for non-actions, but nothing when people got walked on or kicked, unless at least a couple times.
The pitch was like a battlefield at times, people get mad, start to make (big) mistakes, and people get hurt. Both Wille and Ivanovski had to leave the pitch hurt today. It should not be that way, mr Referee you must learn to take control of the game.
Oh and special mention to one line-man for showing offside on Johan S when the pass was actually a missed pass from a defender backwards. I had actually never seen that one.

Anyway, now we are actually 8th of the Superettan with 34 points. We are not safe though, the middle of the table is very dense, 2 other teams also have 34 points and 4 teams are within +/- 3 points.
Another point worth noting, our goal difference is finally almost positive despite being 4th worst defense of the league. That means we're finally making significantly more goals than we take.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Mjällby won in Landskrona 2-3 with a goal of Sjöfors 93rd minute !

Mjällby has may be saved his season tonight by wining in Landskrona 2-3. The "farmers", as we are called in Landskrona, have taken 6 points against the rival of south of Sweden this season.

33 min: 0-1 - Marcus Ekenberg passing Jermaine Hue.
49 min: 1-1 - Johan Andersson for Landskrona
61 min: 1-2 - Jermaine Hue
68 min: 2-2 - Matias Eklund for Landskrona
93 min: 2-3 - Simon Sjöfors !!

The FrenchMinks got reported that:

- There were 2 buses from Mjällby and many personal cars. At least 500 Mjällby supporters.
- Best players for MAIF were Hue, Ivanovski and Dusan.
- Very expensive ticket 180 sek.
- The substitute Berner was convincing and Malmstrom got the last corner which brought the goal.

Next game at home Sunday against Väsby at 16h00.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Back to Mjällby - Jönköpings Södra (4-0) in pictures

Ze French Minks present the picture of last game won 4-0 at home.

Arrival of the supporters of Jönköping Södra. No, no it´s not the black army of AIK.

Away supporters.

Presentation of the teams with special action against rasism.

Jönköping coach upset by his players.

D. Nilsson out first half due to injury. First game of Sasa.

Action just before the goal of Johan Svensson in first half.

Marcus Ekenberg in second half.

Adam Berner first goal !

Supporters happy (2000).

Debriefing for the green at the end of the game.

Media room. Coaches happy & unhappy.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Mjällby-Jönköping (4-0): GOAAAAAAL!!!

1-0: Johan Svensson
2-0: Johan Persson
3-0: Fredrik Olsson
4-0: Adam Berner

Today it was probably the best game of Mjällby this season. It was a festival of goals and good actions. The score reflects perfectly the game Of Mjällby, and at the end it could the same score as Landskrona against Jönlöping some weeks ago (7-0 for Landskrona).

In all sectors of the game, Mjällby was superior. The battle at the midfield is clearly won by Mjällby, the aggressivity was there, the pleasure of doing things right was constant. There are no negative points today.

The defense of Mjällby did a good job: Dusan saved 2 dangerous shots in the second half, but otherwise he didn't have so much to do today. The central defense was a wall today, serious, always well positioned. Good game of Simon and Markus. the same for Wille on the left side and Daniel on the right, good support also in the offensive action.

In the midfield, Johan Persson and Daniel Nilsson won all duals. Daniel was injured and had to leave the field, and was replaced by Sasa Zimonjic, the newcomer. What he did today for his first game was impressive. we can imagine what this player can bring to this team when he will be adapted to his new environment. he was tackling, oriented with nice passes the game. Very high potential.
On the side, we had Johan Persson on the left and Tobbe on the right. A game like they used to do it in this season, nice dribbling, especially from Tobbe in the first half, a positive surprise!

Fredik and Markus Ekenberg were the forwards today. the defense of Jönköping had a lot of problems with them, they run everywhere, Fredrik was more the runner like he used to be, the 1.85 m central defense had lot of difficulties to follow his sprints and acceleration. Markus was impressive today by covering the ball. and in the first half, what a 25m shot on the post of Jönköpings goalkeeper, who didn't make any movements. it could be the goal of the season.
To notice, the very good game of Adam Berner, who scored the last goal. very promissing player.

To resume, it was a fantastic game of Mjällby, it could be already 4-0 at the half-time. The defense of Jönköping was a disaster today who showed some nervosity and lack of concentration, and the goalkeeper didn't secure his defense either. We understand why he is goalkeeper and not a field player. It will be not nice to say that he is good with his foot. But it is not our problem.

It is the fifth game consecutely that Mjällby didn't lose. we hope that it will continue like this against Landskrona (away) and Väsby United (home).


Friday, September 08, 2006

"Sasa, brassa mandelmassa”

Sasa Commender in Chief.

Players between two exercises.

On Thursday Mjällby has trained on the A field from 17h00 to 18h45. The day before has annouced that Sasa Zimonjic, player from Serbia, had signed until the end of the season.

Despite a new service on with a post of a weekly training schedule, there was not so many curious in Strandvallen, specially not the GOLD CLUB who did the investment (may be the GOLD CLUB does not have internet...).

Will Sasa Zimonjic be the Commender in Chief of the team as we give the impression to be ? We will on Sunday against Jönköping...

Other information:
Hiirsa is probably out until the end of the season.
Simon one more time didn´t trained.
Adam Berner did only jogging.
Lindberg and D. Nilsson didn´t do the last exercise.
Phille played only with the ball.

.... and on Sunday the referee will be again our BEST NEW FRIEND, Monsieur Håkan Jonsson.

Sasa with Eken.

Explanation for the player from the coach before exercise and Kjell on the right.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back to Assyriska FF - Mjällby AIF in pictures

Exclusive pictures from Antje Malmström for Ze French Mink.
Nice synthetic grass.

Ivanovski has palyed right defender.

One goal for Tobias Johansson.

Johan Svensson, Allsvenskan player according to Radio Blekinge.

End of the game 1-1.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Assyriska - Mjällby 1-1

A summary can be found on Svenska Fans Mjällbysite (in swedish).

Hopefully Ze French Minks will be able to publish photos from the game tomorrow.

A six points game in Södertälje

Today at 16hoo Mjällby will play a very important game against Assyriska in Södertälje, south of Stockholm. Assyriska is only 2 points above MAIF and they have just sacked their coach.

The troup left Sölvesborg yesterday without ex-captain Peter Hiir-Salakka, injured, and Daniel Nilsson who serves a suspension.

Simon Sjöfors is back from his injury and of course the 2 new players, Hue and Ivanovski, will be there as well. So far the only players from the mercato.

Regarding the compositon of the team there is a question mark about the position of Simon Sjöfors. Will he play in central defense or will he replace D. Nilsson?

Mjällby is still ahead of last years results where they saved themselves after an incredible autumn. Will they manage to stay in Superettan?