Monday, November 21, 2005

2006 kick-off party with the Strubbarna

The Strubbarna will have a kick-off party for the coming season the 11th of february 2006 at the MAIF club-house. All are welcome, strubbarna members or not, the only requirement to get in is to wear some MAIF-stuff (shirt, scarf, hat, jacket, underwear, whatever). The price is 100SEK, free for kids below 16 years coming with their (both or 1 is enough?) parents.

For the 100 SEK, you'll get food, coffee, cake and some music entertainment. More or less strong drinks shall be fixed by each participant for him/herself. There will be a lotery during the evening with some as-of-yet undefined but promised-nice prizes.

Registration must be done before january 27th to:
BOEL HOLMSTRÖM 0733-120506
CICCI HAGLUND 0705-532055
ANNA-LENA KROOK 0733-490094

Registration is binding, the 100SEK should be put on bankgiro 5373-8043 right after calling, indicate the names of all the people you're paying for.

This is the first such kick-off party arranged by the strubbarna, but surely to become a tradition.

You can get all the details here.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Silly season 2

Why silly season part 2 because something happend:

- Pavel Zavadil has signed for Öster (allsvenskan - league 1 Sweden).

- Marcus Senften, former MAIF player (2003) has signed a 3 years contract for Kristianstad

- Only positive point, Alexander Malmstom is ok for Mjällby for 2 years.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Smart season update

Well there's nothing very silly going on, so that's got to be a smart season then, right?

The guys over at SvenskaFans have had a series of polls, make sure you put your vote in.

The planning for the training games of next season has been published on MAIF's homepage. Start with 3 games against teams from Allsvenskan (Kalmar FF, Halmstad BK and newly promoted Öster IF), unfortunately all away. Not far away, but not in Strandvallen, they would have made for some nice entertainment.

Anyway, more news later as they come. Slooooowly....