Monday, September 26, 2005

MAIF toolbar for your explorer

I have created a toolbar for the dedicated MAIF fan, with all the common links.

You get it from here, download the file and execute it.

If you'd like other features to be added, feel free to comment here.

Forza MAIF


At 23:35, Blogger Black Cross said...

That´s a great one! Had something homemade myself that never worked..

Would like to add:

Is that possible?

At 23:39, Blogger FrenchMink said...

Sure, I'm adding the links.

At 23:41, Blogger Black Cross said...

That´s fine.

How about the mapping of the Maifers in the world? Is that the next project?

At 23:45, Blogger FrenchMink said...

Oh by the way you don't need to re-download the bar to get the updates I'm doing to the layout, links etc. It downloads them automatically from the web. If you're not sure, click on the left-most little triangle, just next to the mink logo, and choose "Refresh toolbar", and you'll get the latest status.

At 23:51, Blogger Black Cross said...

Will try that!

At 06:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tried to install the Toolbar, but failed due to wrong operating systen. I have Windows Millennium Edition.

Is it possible to make the Toolbar work in Windoows ME?

At 15:12, Blogger FrenchMink said...

No, according to the site it only works with Windows 2000/XP, in IE5 (or more) and Firefox 1.0.1 (or more).
See if you have the possibility to upgrade (at least IE).
If not then I'm sorry.

At 12:00, Blogger Black Cross said...

I have problems with my toolbar. The toolbar itself is great. But now and then it´s gone! The toolbar is not there anymore when I open explorer.



At 20:55, Blogger FrenchMink said...

It can happen every now and then that IE closes bad and some bars are saved as not activated.

Solution: right-click somewhere in the bars area, and check that the FrenchMinksBar is activated


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