Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pictures from Landskrona - Mjällby

As promised here are the pictures from the trip to Skåne !

Reproduction of the pictures of the French Minks are not allowed without the permission of the authors.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Bois 2 - 4 MAIF: Like at home

FrenchMink should not have taken his vacation now because he has missed the two best games of Mjällby since many years. If the game with Åtvidaberg was excellent, what to say about the first half in Landskrona ? It was fantastic. Marcus Ekenberg was flying: 2 goals and 1 assist.

I had a bad souvenir of Landskrona. It was in 2002. We lost and Mjällby went down at the end of the season and Landskrona went up. We took a goal of 30 meters on a corner. Bad time.

But now it´s different. We won last year and now we won again scoring 4 goals in 45 minutes. 4 800 people something and 700, 800 from Lister. Sorry to say that supporter of Landskrona, but we were at home tonight !

This evening Tomas Andersson had built a very offensive team, the same as last game at home except Ivanovski injured replaced by Lindberg who was back.

Ekenberg in 9 with Sasa in 9 1/2 (what a great idea - it´s remind me Marcus Rindberg time), then right Erton and left Marcelo. 4 offensive players with Patrick Osiako as 10. Only Johan Persson has midfield defender and the 4 from the back, D. Nilsson, Robin, Lindberg and Tobbe.

Each time Erton had the ball, it was fire in the defense. Same for Marcelo, may be a little tired. Tobbe was ultra offensive. Osiako and Sasa are better game after game. Sasa who arrived injured at the beginning of the season was announced a little fast as big fiasko...

After 60 minutes in the game, Landskrona came back and was dominating. Berner, Löfqvist and Phille went in instead of Erton, Sasa and Marcelo to give some fresh blood.

The guys were probably thinking about the game of Thursday. Mjällby was waiting the end of the game.
The first goal of BOIS was on a generous penalty due to Dusan... Dusan did 2 enormous stops in 2nd half.

Best tonight:

1 - Marcus Ekenberg

2 -Tobias Johansson

3 - Sasa Zimonjic

What to say about the referee ? He was good. A generous penalty given but Dusan could have played it a little better. Osiako was near a yellow card but it didn´t get it. 3 yellow justified for BOIS. Many freequick for MAIF in front of the goal: here is something Tomas has to work with.

Some pictures to come !

All the information about the game here:

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mjällby - Atvidaberg 2-0: 2 minutes are enough

The game against Atvidaberg was probably the best one this season in term of control of the game, it was a real pleasure to see Mjällby's playing.

Before the game, we could think that it would be a difficult game against one of the best team of Superettan. But it wasn't: Mjällby is very impressive at home, with no defeat at Standvallen this season.

The game was done in 2 minutes, between 14th and 16th minute, when Mjällby scored twice.

First goal of Sasa Zimonjic, who played in a different position as usual, as attacker with Ekenberg. and he did very well: Free kick (same position as against Landskrona) by Cedeberg, the ball arrives in the foot of Marcelo Sarvas who centered, the ball is pushed by the head of Zimonjic.

We didn't have the time to really celebrate the goal, then came the second. On the left side, the center arrives on Ekenberg who kicked the ball, the goalkeeper of Atvidaberg is too short, the ball touch the post but finally enter in the goal. It was the referee assistent who validated the goal.

Atvidaberg had a good chance on a face to face situation, but Melicharek stopped the shoot. it was the best goal chance for Atvidaberg in the game. Otherwise there was not so much to say.

In the second half, Mjällby played on counter, the score could be 4 or 5-0 for Mjällby.
The hole team was very good yesterday. Dusan did what he had to do.

In the defense, who was a little bit modified with the suspension of Lindberg, we had Nilsson on the right, Johansson on the left, and Ivanovski and Cedeberg as center defenders. Cedeberg has more and more self confidence, the progress he did is very clear to see.

In the middle, Osiako and Persson as defense midfielders. As usual they did a good game. Osiako lose a very low number of balls. Persson finished the game as central defender after that Ivanovski left the field because on injury. On the left side we had Marcello Sarvas, who was in one word excellent. it is strange to think that last year he played in Kristianstad in a lower division. On the right side, Svensson was generous and runned a lot, but he didn't have the same result as Sarvas, and probably because of the left back defender of Atvidaberg, Arvidsson, who was the best for Atvidaberg. He is very impressive. He won probably all duals agaisnt Svensson, and he was also a good support in the offensive situation.

In the front, Ekenberg as usual, scored his 6yh goal of the season. and as second attacker, Zimonjic, who did a very good game.

We can also say that Fejzullahu and Löfqvist were good also.

With this good result:
- Mjällby wins 3 places and is now at place 6 of the championship, is is still undefeated at Stranvallen.
- Mjällby has the best goal difference (+9) after Nörköpping, and the best defense of Superettan, only 10 goals taken.
- We can see that Mjällby has a better bench this season. Löfqvist, fejzullahu, osiako, zimonjic...it gives more opportunity to the trainer. And we have also players who can play at different positions.

Next game at Strandvallen is against IFK Göteborg in the swedish cup (quarter finals) August 2nd. This positive result is very good to prepare this game.
Next superettan game is on Monday July 30th in Landskrona, and next Superettan game at Strandvallen is against Sündsvall on August 5th: it will be an other test and an indication for the the possiblity for Mjällby to reach one the 3 first positions.

Friday, July 27, 2007

15 games and 22 points

After the victory of today 2-0 against Åtvidabergs FF, Mjällby has now 22 points. It´s 5 points more than last year and 13 points more than 2005.

35 points may be less, will be needed to stay in Superettan.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mjällby-Trellebrog FF under 21: Thank you for the lessson... 1-5

The under 21 team was playing yesterday Tuesday at 17h00 against Trelleborg.
0-3 after 30 min
0-4 at the break
1-5 at the end of the game.

Adam Berner, Erton Fejzullahu, Sasa Zimonjic, Patrick Osiako have played 60 min. David Löfquist, David Rehn and Rickard Fransson have played all the game.

Both team had many opportunities to score, specially 2 shots for Mjällby in first half and may shots in second half for Trelleborg. If Fransson could not stop any shot in the first half, he was good in the end of the game.

Mjällby has a heavy program in the coming weeks which could explain that the A team players were not at 100%. The defense was very young and has suffered in front of Juari Cardoso a player from Brazil who could sign for Trelleborg. Juari has been excellent and explosive He should have get a second yellow blocking a freequick for Mjällby. The referee didn´t applied the rule. If it had been Erton...

Next game A TEAM Thursday.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Mjällby - Landskrona 1-1: the game of the wind

Despite the bad weather at Strandvallen, wind and rain, 2800 persons came to see the game. in this conditions, it was difficult to play normally. Mjällby scored in the first half, and Landskrona in the second. the team playing with the wind in the back had better control of the game.

the first occasion was for Landskrona at the 10th minute, a center from the right, taken directly by the attacker, but the ball finished 4 meters above the goal of dusan.

Then, between the 10th and 20th minute, it was a clear domination of Mjällby. 2 shots, from Ekenberg and Marcello Sarvas, and then 2 good possibilities to score: the first one following a corner, confusion in the 6 meters area, Cedeberg ready to shot, but a BoiS player tackled the ball. the second occasion was a nice combination between Persson and Sarvas, with Sarvas as the relay, but Persson shot above the goal.

Sarvas shot also a nice free kick from 20 meters, but the ball touched the post. He had also a good opportunity: after dribbling 2 defenders, the goalkeeper coming out, he shooted unfortunately above the goalkeeper (and the goal also...), but the goalkeeper finished in the foot of Sarvas, a penalty was demanded by Mjällby's player, especially Lindberg who received a yellow card, and because of 3rd card, will miss next game against Atvidaberg.
For me there is no penalty, even if the goalkeeper touched Sarvas, the ball was already away.

At the 38th minute, Mjällby scored thanks to a nice header from Lindberg. the ball passed between the arm of the goalkeeper, in the middle of the goal, the goalkeeper without any chance. the center came from a free kick on the right side by Cedeberg (if we look BoiS goal).

The second half was dominated by Landskrona, because they were one goal behind and also because they played with the wind in the back.

Landskrona scored at the 66th minute, by Carlsson. An one-on-one with no chance for Dusan.

The last 10 minutes bring a lot of intensity. First, following a corner from Cedeberg, confusion in the area, the ball was saved on the line of Landskrona's goal. Then after a center, the ball is taken by a Mjällby's player with the head, that is stopped with the hand by a Landskrona's player. It was clear penalty, but the referee decided in an other way. The ball arrived in the foot of a Landskrona' player (strange to find him alone in the middle ot the field), a second one-on-one but this time wonderfully stopped by Dusan. In 30 seconds, we went from a clear penalty for Mjällby to a big occasion for Landskrona.

Dusan who will be the player of the last 5 minutes. first, this one-one situation, then a free kick at 20 meters for Landskrona, hard shoot stopped by Dusan, and finally a vicious shoot at 10 meters, but Dusan used all his 1,97m body to push the ball in corner.

The referee was good, only the hand not blown in the penalty area was his only mistake. I don't want to imagine if Landskrona had scored just after on the one-one situation.

The 1-1 is ok for me, each team had occasions, so it is justified.

It would have been better with a win for Mjällby, because it was a good opportunity to win some places in the championship. Next game in on Thursday against Atvidaberg, it will be difficult too.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Back in pictures to Mjällby-Öster 1-1