Sunday, April 24, 2011


Fantastic weather today in Strandvallen, drew almost 3600 people. First try of the Extra bench, all the way up behind the panels it was nice and warm, good view of the field but not so much perspective.

With Musse Pigg suspended (three yellows, of which at least one completely unnecessary), Eken was back at the top alongside Gitselov, Bagarn captain though. Ivan out (for the same reason) was replaced by Cederberg.
Early goal at the 5th minute, nice center from Niklasson on the right, Gits alone at the second pole trys the volley, but not so strong and on the GAIS keeper, the ball bounces off him and on Eken's foot who just has to push it in. 1:0 at 5'50 feels good. After that it was a little bit the festival of bad passes. GAIS was holding a very high pressing, were very mobile and stealing lots of balls. For 20 minutes it was all GAIS, although only on their right side, and the trio Wille-Pavel-Robin kept danger at bay. After about 30 minutes the game was more even again. At 40 minutes Eken gets a clear penalty, wants to take it and shoots it on the ground, not very hard, nor very far, so the GAIS keeper can push it out. 2-0 at this stage would have been a game-changer, given Eken's current level of performance somebody else should have taken it.
The second half was more of the same, high pressure and lots of movement from GAIS, and it paid of in the end with a very hard shot from just outside the zone into the roof of the net that Asper couldn't take. 1-1. The last 20 minutes were to Mjällby but GAIS' defense held tight, not leaving much space to our attackers. More than goals I would like to see some shoots, dribbling with the ball is nice but it does not score often. Several occasions towards the very last seconds, but Gits missed a couple of controls and couldn't really push it all the way.

Giant on the field today was Bagarn, so many saves, a few quite critical ones. Not far behind was Cederberg, who also had a lot of balls and did good. Wingers Wille and Vesterberg ok. Pavel got many balls, and drew a lot of attention from GAIS. Eken should have been taken out towards the middle of the 2nd half, to give more time to Berner.

Not so good coaching from Peter Swärd. Pavel out while he was the most active, and replaced by an uninspired for the day Löken, killed the tempo.

1 point of 6 possible this week, it sucks. 2 goals scored only. It doesn't look so promising if you ask me.


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