Sunday, October 30, 2005

GAIS up, Landskrona down

Despite being reduced to 10 players after 37 minutes, GAIS managed today to keep the score a draw 0-0, so they're going up to Allsvenskan next year together with already promoted teams AIK and Öster, and Landskrona joins us in SuperEttan, together with already degraded teams Sundsvall and Assyriska.

Good, that'll be less driving to Landskrona, although Göteborg is more fun.

Let's wish both GAIS and LBoIS good luck for next season.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

D-Day +7: One man in the game

Here are two pictures of one man in the game: Marcus Lindberg.

The first one has been taken in the second half of Mjallby-Boden. Marcus was back from the dressing room and was looking the game.

The second one has been taken at 14h15 just after receiving a red card.

It´s ok for this time Marcus...

Friday, October 28, 2005

Silly Season part 1

Mikael D, Thierry H, Jonas K, Zinédine Z, Marcelo S, Johan P.

All these more or less anonymous guys might come play for MAIF next year. Or maybe not.

Get the latest news on The Strubbarna's rumours page. Although the list of "confirmed" players seems a bit optimistic to me.

Best MAIF players

The colleagues over at SvenskaFans have set-up the election of this year's best players in the different areas of play, starting with the defense.

You don't have to agree with the current ranking, but everybody's entitled to give his/her own opinion, and push one's favorite up.

Have a tour >here<.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

GAIS on their way up

It's not fully MAIF related, but still. Tonight GAIS won 2-1 their first qualifying game home against Landskrona. Ex-MAIF:are Daniel Nicklasson played the most part of the game, although he did not score.

Anyway, let's wish them the best of luck for sunday. And if they lose, we'll have to kick their butts again next year in Gamla Ullevi... ;-)

Monday, October 24, 2005

D-Day +2: The film

There is an excellent little film on

web-tv / idrottsfilmer / Mjällby - Boden

Enter the dressing room after the game !

Saturday, October 22, 2005

We are the champions !

They have done it.

Mjällby will play in superettan next year.

Who could have believed that we could win 6 games of the 7 last?? Not me, I should admit. I thought it was over after the first 10 games of the season. It was impossible to come back from such a terrible situation. What Mjällby has performed is against the football statistics.

Thomas took 18 points in 7 games. Respect Mr Andersson.

The picture has been taken just after the game. Johan Svensson has played his best game of the season.


Today is the big day. Mjällby will stay in Superettan if they win or if they draw. It´s very simple. It´s still not clear if Lill Olsson will play. 5000 people are expected by many at the start of the game at 14h00. In the morning there was a little rain and some wind from the sea.

Qualification for Superettan against Husqvarna. After a victory 3-1 away, Mjällby won 6-2 at home with 5 goals from Ekenberg.

Qualification against GAIS Göteborg. Defeat at home 2-1 and away 2-1. GAIS was better. Many Makrillarna came to Lister. It was sympathic.

Mjällby went down from Superettan to Division 2. Terrible end of season. Defeat after defeat with not so much public.

Qualification for Allsvenskan against Norrköping. Victory at home 2-1 and defeat away 3-1. Scandalous Mr Frisk who didn´t give a penalty to Auga.

Qualification for Allsvenskan against Häcken even though some of the best players had left the team: Jonas Andersson, Simon Sjöfors, Chippen Wilhelmsson and Marcus Ekenberg . Victory at home 3-2 in front of 7 400 on Wednesday afternoon, defeat away 3-2 and finally defeat on penalty. Kim Källström was very young and was in the team.

Greetings to Frenchmink who is in Korea and who will miss the game.
Say hello to the KoreanMink Fabrice !

The picture has been taken last week-end in Frölunda.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mjällby - Boden in the radio

Mjällbys last game on saturday against Bodens BK will be broadcasted over the web radio. You can listen to the game wherever you are located in the world.

The game starts at 14h and takes place at Mjällbys home arena Strandvallen. Reports does Fredrik Persson and Ralf Edström.

You find the web radio here:

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Västra Frölunda IF - Mjällby AIF 1-2 (0-1) !!!!!

No yellow cards, very good spirit, very funny goalkeeper Joakim Olsson. Frolunda get 60 % of the ball during the first half without been dangerous. MAIF scored just after the first 30 minutes (41 minutes). Just after the second half, MAIF scored a second goal (48 minutes). Eken got a possibility to score 3-0 after a mistake of a defender. At the end, Frölunda was pushing and MAIF was going down. Result: 1-2 (91 minutes). Very good referee. Good weather and Mjällby keeps all his chance to stay in Superettan next year.

Goal keeper
Dusan: He is a security for the team. No mistake done. He can do nothing on the goal. He has stopped several shoot from 20 meters. Very good.

Richard was on the left as usual. He had no problem in the first half, a little more in the second half when Frölunda was loosing 2-0 trying to come back. The center for the goal is coming from his side but I didn´t see how he was involved.
Robin in central defense was good. He has a very good timing and he was not disturbed by the synthetic grass. In progress.
Lindberg: He shows that he was the boss. The had to survey a tall guy. No major problem.
Tobias Johansson was playing on the right of the defense like against Ljungskile. It was one more time a succes. He scored also a goal. In that position, he is a "modern" defender. A new carriere starts ?

Midfield Central
Pavel has played more down than usual. He didn´t get the real opportunity to shoot on goal. The dangerous freequick of the game had been taken by Eken. Pavel is the origin of the two goals. A fantastic corner on the head of Tobias Johansson and a clever mini-corner on the head of Simon.
Captain Hiirsa: He has been disturb at the begining by the grass. He has played less agressive as usual. Good game.

Forward wings:
Johan Svensson has not been as good as last week. Last week it was "Champagne" all the time. He put the ball on the head of Simon. Good game Johan. Out at 80th minute.
Eken: He started on the right and then he moved to the center because lill Olsson got injured. Eken missed a one to one agains the funny Joakim Olsson. He puts the fire many times in the defense. He is at the origin of the second goal. He is at the top of his form like last year at the same period. Went out at 80 minutes to avoid a yellow card.

Forward Central:
Simon has been the king today. He is not as fast as he used to be but he took all the ball with his head and he did a very good defensive work helping Pavel and Captain Hiirsa. He was very opportinist on his goal with a good nose (sic) on the assist of Pavel.
Lill Olsson went out after 30 minutes. He got replaced by a good D- Nilsson.

Alex and Lucas went in at the 80 minutes. Defensive job for Alex and in the front for Lucas. He didn´t get the same succes as last week.

Simon played in the midfield at the 85 minutes. Pavel and Lucas were palying in the front.

In picture: Lucas, Captain Hiirsa, Simon and Thomas Andersson celebrated by the Sillastrybarna.

Friday, October 14, 2005

No jokes guys…

On saturday Mjällby AIF will play against Västra Frölunda (VF), suburb of Göteborg. VF will go down. It´s finished for them. They will play well because they have nothing to loose. They will play for fun.
MAIF will not play for fun. 3 points are needed.
Boden will play on Sunday against Ljungskile.

At home the 26th of June, we lost 1-2. It was the famous "Pajas" (clown) episode. Ekenberg had been injured by a Frölunda player and he got nearly a yellow card! (see the picture)

There are 4 issues this week. 2 of 4 are clear.
Sweden qualified for Germany 2006.
France qualified for Germany 2006.
Mjallby wins in VF.
PSG wins against Olympique de Marseille.

We are half way. No jokes guys...

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ljungskile - Mjällby 1-3 (0-0) !!!!!!

They have done it ! One more time Mjällby has done a heroic game far from Strandvallen. The game was on TV. 1-3 against one of the best team of the league.

In superettan the situation is as follow:
- 2 games more to play.
- AIK and today Öster will play in Allsvenskan in 2006.
- Västerås and Västra Frölunda will go down.
- The 3rd place – barrage against a team of Allvenskan is still not clear. It could be Gais or Ljungskile.
- The 3rd place to go down will be MAIF, Boden, Trelleborg or Degerfors ! Trelleborg who was so good in the begining of the season…

See the table here:

See the best scorers here:

See the public here:

Try to understand the summary of the game here on Svenska fans:

Here are the performance of the team. It was a 4-4-2 the same as last week except Tobbe instead of D- Nilsson.

Dusan: 1 or 2 mistakes unsual from him. Very good on 2 or 3 shoots from Ljungskile

On the right:
Tobbe: New position for him. A little slow on the goal maybe. Otherwise very good with a very good technic.
Robin: Very good game. I have not seen him doing a mistake.
Lindberg: Finaly a good game with a goal.
On the left:
Richard: Very good. Very dynamic.

Central Midfield:
Pavel: very precious at the end of the game. Much better than last week.
Captain Hiirsa: No yellow, good tempo. Very good game.
On the right wing:
Eken: Enormous game. It´s probably his best game since … one year ago against Husqvarna. His defender has been put in the "wind" several time.
On the left:
Johan. Enormous game also. Probably his best since the trainings in March.

Forward Central:
Simon: He has been good. He had Markus Senften on his back (not Senftén, Mr Härenstam). He has taken many balls with his head.
9 – Lill Olsson. One opportunist goal. One more.

At 78 In Lucas instead of Olsson:. And at 78 min, goal. It´s the same he has put on Friday evening with the b Team. Excellent coaching from Tomas.

The referee was good. Only 1 yellow given to Ljungskile (for talking) and 0 to Maif. I remember the game at home when we got a penalty not clear against us .

There is still hope. Everybody goes to Goteborg next week and we have to be 6000 the 22nd for the final against Boden.

The picture has been taken the 22nd of May 2004 against MABI. You can recognize Markus Senften and Thomas (4 victory on 5 games).

Saturday, October 08, 2005

It´s now or never

Anders Linderoth, ex-Olympique de Marseille player, ex-coach and player of MAIF, actual coach of Harmmaby and father of Tobias in the national team has been seen this morning in the streets of Sölvesborg. I didn´t ask him if he wanted to come back to Mjällby. I should have. There are though rumours saying that Peter Persson from Hässleholm could be the next coach. And by the way – Tom Prahl from Tomelilla, is also soon on the market.

Degerfors and Gais did 1-1 this afternoon. Degerfors is now 7 points ahead of Mjällby. MAIF needs to take 3 points more that Boden in 2 games. Then the big final could be the last game at Strandvallen.
The chance of Mjällby to stay in Superettan are arround 15%.

Yesterday the B team won against Kristianstad B. Lukas has put 2 goals. I imagine the frustration of that guy. Pavel, Dusan and co were there to support him. The young Bjälkenborn said before the game that he will put two goals. He put one! Well done.
Tomorrow PresidentMink and some other minks will come to see the game of MAIF at SVT24: 14h03.
If Maif win tomorrow, the FrenchMinks will go to Frölunda.
"Senften, Senften, stur and starka Senften". We hope he will have a bad day…

And if France does not go to Germany 2006 and Sweden does, I will take the Swedish nationality…

Friday, October 07, 2005

New kid on the blog

A new MAIF-related blog has been created recently by Gungan:

Make sure to pay it a visit. Swedish-speaking only, so SuperMink don't bother...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

MAIF 2 - 4 Bromma Kids

What an un-inspiring game we witnessed. On either side, the kids were just more efficient, they scored on all 4 of their occasions.

Both teams started out quite slowly. You could tell they were both nervous. Too nervous, one of the kids' defender got a yellow in the 2nd minute, how smart. MAIF played as if meeting AIK or Djurgården or something. They played simple, frigid, frightened game, many short passes, many of them intercepted but still they kept on for 90 minutes of the same.

Pavel was not in a good day, making quite many misses, giving away many easy balls. Hirsa was not on a very good day either, often late on actions. I.e. the central midfield was mostly absent. And when showing up, we let the kids bring the goal up. Hint for next training session: train short distance tackling, ball stealing techniques and stopping techniques. Midfielder shall never be allowed to move the ball 50m up completely unchallenged, except for that guy 2m ahead just backing at the same pace.
The back line was keeping too much distance between them, sometimes they looked like a baby-foot's back-line, not covering each other well and not playing the off-side well at all. Lindberg was quite obviously not in his best day. Although admittedly the kids' back-line had many holes too. Which we did not manage to take advantage of enough.
Thomas was not too inspired either with his half-time tactical change from 4-4-2 to 3-5-1. Or well, it could have been if the midfield players had tried to over-power BP's defense. Anyway, I'm no fan of that configuration, especially when you have a defense that has already shown obvious signs of deficiencies, and you take out one of the most inspired of the lot.
Dusan seemed (from my place) to have been late or dreaming on 1 goal, but all 3 others were direct consequences of the inaction in the midfield and disorganisation in the back.

All in all, the best player on the field was the referee.

Worth mentioning were Eken, very active this sunday, and Johan and Olsson, speedy and provocative as usual.
Simon played up front like at the beginning of the season: slow, uncertain, not even good on the headers and not agressive. Same cause, same consequence: Yellow Card.

The kids' trainer said after the game he was (of course) happy to have won since his team had lost the previous 3 games. To what Thomas answered basically the opposite, we had won the previous 3 games and now we lost. Because we were too shy, not agressive enough (I must have made that comment after all 27 games this season), playing 4th grade football. I want to see SuperEttan football, nothing less. I have seen it in too few occasions, but I know it's there, somewhere. Don't forget to invite it to next game.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Mjällby AIF - Brommapojkarna 2 - 4

Mjällby has lost today Sunday 2nd of October for the 9th time of the season at home. The statistic are terrible for Mjällby at home. 14 games at home and 9 defeats. Despite those statistic, we were 2200 spectators.

Dusan and Pavel have been anonymous. Hiirsa was not in a good day. When it´s like that, Mjällby does not win.