Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mjällby - Öster on the webradio

Sundays game between Mjällby and Öster at Värendsvallen is broadcasted at the webradio.

The game starts at 13h, and you can find it here:

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mjällby 0 - 2 Häcken

Good conditions today, sunny, very little wind, 1308 in the public.

Mjällby started the game well, created quite many occasion in the front, but as too often lately did not manage to put any of them in. After about 30 minutes of that, the pace goes a bit down and Häcken takes possession of the game.
At the 43rd minutes, as usual, a miss in the defense, and Häcken scores juste before half time.

In the 2nd half, the same of the same, we can bring up the ball but get blocked by a very compact central defense from Häcken.

The second goal comes on a big mistake by Danne, when he sends the ball back to Fransson, but too short and the attacker gets it, evades Fransson, and simply puts it in.

Osiako was often late in defensive actions, he should be happy to have got only 1 yellow card. He shows some good skills, but has too often a tendency to break the rythm in offensive phases.
Erton did not do much, some shots but mostly outside. A good point is he seems to have got his nerves under control.
Eken good as usual, but a bit alone.
Danne was good, except for his huge mistake.
Tobbe, Persson, Svensson, Ivanovski were good.
Lindberg was very good.
Phille was not in a good day.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Back in pictures MAIF Enköping 5-1

Reproduction of the pictures of the French Minks are not allowed without the permission of the authors.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

MAIF - Sylvia on the web

Sveriges Radio broadcasts thursday evenings game, Mjällby - Sylvia, on the web.

The game starts at 19h.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mjällby - Enköping 5-1: Like in July

After the catastrophic last 2 months, especially with the game of last week in Bunkeflo, a reaction of the players was expected, and we had it. We found the same team that plays wonderful football in July.

With this victory, the superettan 2008 is saved.

What to retain from this game?

- The team played with a good tempo, all players did a good job. The defense was a block, with a good game of lindberg; the midfielders Persson and Nilsson like usual, fighters. And the attack was decisive, all 3 strikers scored (3x Sjöförs, 1x Fejzullahu and 1x Berner).

- 3 goals from Sjöfors, with a nice goal from 30 meters.

- 3 assists from Ekenberg.

- We had more or less the same players like in 2005 at the front: Svensson on the left, Ekenberg on the right, Sjöförs as attacker, and Fejzullahu instead of Olsson (if somebody has some news from him, it would be nice to hear what he thinks about the B-team of Helsingborg!!!).

- the referee was good.

- Not so much people, only 936 came to see the game: the bad weather, the fact that there is no really challenge for the end of the season, the results of last 2 months, the hockey game in Olöfström...

You can see hereunder the 5 goals on a drawing:

Next game on Thursday in Sylvia IF, actual last in the superettan, they need points if they want to stay in the superettan.