Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mjällby - Degerfors: 1-2

I thought before the game that the game against Degerfors would be a quite easy win. But, as quite often with "easy" games, the result shows always some surprises. After this game, some questions needed to be taken.

For sure, the red card for Erton is the key event of the game: at the 65th minute, Erton give a stupid kick from behind to the captain of Degerfors Karlsson. For me, the red card is justified, both were running, but not involved in the action, Erton one meter behind. It was a deliberated kick, no comment.
The problem is that there was already 1-0 for Mjällby, goal from Rehn at the 32nd minute. after a free-kick from 20 meters by Marcelo, the goalkeeper could stop the shot, but Rehn, 3 meters from goal and free, had only to push the ball in the goal. An easy goal, but you know the story with the easy stuff...
So, 1-0 for Mjällby, still 30 minutes to play, and the players started to be tired, they had a difficult game on Thursday at Åtvidaberg (victory 1-0) where they played also more than a half with 10 men.

Is the red card justified? is it because the referee was Håkan Jonasson, and it could be a subject of discussion? we still have in mind the "pajas" story. I think that an other referee would have done taken the same discussion, and maybe it wouldn't take some much discussion.
He also gave to the Degerfors trainer the red card. Several times, the fourth referee had to calm the Degerfors bank.
Maybe the federation should also think about to put Jonasson as a referee in a Mjällby game: with all the historics already, it is stupid to continue in that way.

But, even with 10 minutes and the referee, it doesn't explain why Mjällby took 2 goals in the same way. Corner by Degerfors, Mjällby can push away the goal, one player from Degerfors put the ball in the center, where the ball is touched/deviated in the goal.
Can we say it was no luck, or a problem of organization? but at least it has to be taken during trainings in the common week.

Then, Mjällby didn't dominate the game as it should be: in the beginning of the second half, Mjällby had again a free-kick. Ekenberg shots and the ball ended on the post, which arrived in the feet of a Mjällby players (Osiako and Löfqvist) but the goalkeeper could stop the shoot. At 2-0 the game was killed. It was the no luck day.

One point that we can take also, is because of the difficult game againt Åtvidaberg, maybe some players were too tired. Degerfors is not the most terrific team of the superettan, and it was a good opportunity to see players from the beginning, like Berner, Zimonjic or J. Nilsson.

Ekenberg get injured and was replaced by Zimonjic, good game from Robledo and Rehn in the central defense. Löfqvist did a good game in the midfield, with 2 nice shoots in the first half. On one, he tried to lob the goalkeeper from 50 meters, it was on goal.

We can only hope that this defeat is just an accident, the next game at home is against Landskrona, we can expect for a tough game. Mjällby has to show an other face.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Still no defeat....

After 6 games, MAIF is still unbeaten. The game today in Åtvidaberg was particularly difficult after the expulsion of Tobbe at the end of the first half. Still Johan Svensson managed to make a goal at the beginning of the second half, and the team to keep it this way until the final whistle. Final result Åtvidaberg 0 - 1 MAIF.

MAIF is still 4th of the league, but ex-aequo with the 3 first ones in term of points (14, 4 victory + 2 draws) and goal difference (+8). We're now more or less down to alphabetical order.

Less funny is that Cederberg went out injured.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

PSG stays in Ligue 1 !

Good news after the last day in the french ligue 1. Paris Saint Germain stays in Ligue 1 and Marseille will play in champions league. SuperMink and ValjeMinken are happy.

MAIF out of the Swedish Cup

MAIF lost 5-1 against Hammarby, a top team of AllSvenskan, the swedish Premiere League. MAIF scored early on through Marcelo, but Hammarby got the scoring machine going in the 2 half.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

MAIF 1 - 1 Örgyte

Not fully satisfactory game. Too many misses in defense, midfielders losing many balls and not finding each other. We were lucky to take only 1 goal. Örgryte's number 22 was extremely dangerous, and ran fast like hell. He created the situation for their goal.

What was satisfactory is the pressure MAIF put the last 30 minutes. The goal is the conclusion of a quite fantastic collective action. Erton steals the ball on the central line, passes to Osiako, then Ekenberg, then Johan Svensson goes to the right of the goal near the line, shoots, Berner steers it above the keeper. Untakeable.

I did not like Löfqvist from start, Osiako brings (and brought) so much more when he is in. Rehn very offensive, but leaving a lot of space behind him, coordination with Cederberg not as good as Wille. First time I see Alexandersson playing, he's good and tall. Erton, Eken, Johan Svensson good game. Erton did almost loose his nerves again, but somehow calmed down before the pajas got nasty. A pajas who did not do a brilliant game either. The tackling from the back on Johan Svensson (when Erton got upset) was 3 times more dangerous than the tackling that Robledo did, but but still it's the latter who got a yellow card.

Anyway, 5 games and still undefeated in league games. 4th of the league. Eken 6/20.

Monday, May 05, 2008

IF Limhamn Bunkeflo 1 - 6 Mjällby AIF !

Fantastic victory of Mjällby in Limhamn 1-6 with 4 goals from Marcus Ekenberg. 4 games and 10 points.