Saturday, June 30, 2007

Häcken 1 - 0 Mjällby

Mjällby has lost 1-0 in Häcken Thursday evening. With that defeat the dream of allsvenskan that many people has started to nourish is over.

On Sunday the marathon-week continue with the visit of Öster, a 6 points game. 3 games in 7 days.

Erton got 4 games suspension for his red card against Sylvia.

The discipline committee did not remember that the fight of Erton started with the most warned player of superettan this year but did remember that Erton got a red card in training game before the start of the season. And you all know who was the referee and how he can behave in the pitch.

Even if it to flatter Erton to make this comparasion I would like to point out something about beeing suspended for headbutting. As a french I am thinking about a guy called Zinedine Zidane who headbutted a guy called Marco Materazzi during the last world cup. Everybody agreed that Zizou did wrong, but there was also as much talk about how norty Materazzi had been offending Zizou in that grade that he "had to react". Fact remains: Zidane got three games of supension from Fifa, three games seems to be the standard by headbutting. Fejzullahu got four games in Superettan. The opponent Materazzi got two games of suspension. None of the involved Sylvia players got nothing. Just a thought.

Some pictures from Lörbyminken. Mjällby was playing in red. Does somebody has statistic with the red shirt ? It seems that we lost all the time in red.

Some thoughts about the next game then.

Pavel Zavadil is back in Strandvallen. Is that good or bad? Well, the guy made a fantastic session in Mjällby and the fans love him. They will surely show that on sunday. On the other hand we have to hope that he is not doing one of his best games since we would like to keep the points to ourselves. Last time Zavadil entered Strandvallen in a game between MAIF and Öster he wore the other shirt - and he got a red card.

Helgi Danielsson and Mario Vasilj, two of Östers best players, are suspended for the next game with Mjällby.

Öster has surely prepared for yet another important game. Last sunday Peter Wibron and another Österspy - how does Giles Stille look like? - observed Mjällby and took notes. Did they get much wiser?

Referee on sunday is Tobias Mattsson from Karlstad.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Two of a kind

Same, same but different.
Does Mjällby have two Brazilians?
Foto from Sydöstrans archive.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pictures from Mjällby - Sylvia

Better late than ever Ze French Minks give you some pictures from last weeks game at Strandvallen - the 3 points win and 3 guys lost-game with Sylvia.
Dusan Melicharek back in goal. He takes the lead as the best goalkeeper in Superettan. Rille Fransson is not far behind - he comes in on a fourth place.
First Yellow out of total eight in the game - this one for Ivanovski.
A famous TV-personality...
Hot goalie Peter Karlsson.
And happy goalie Rille Fransson - on the bench this time.

First time stretcher in. According to "Sylvias newspaper", NT, is it remarkable that the referee didn´t give Jonas Björkholm a yellow card for going into the challenge studs first leaving Patrick Osiako on the pitch.
Marcelo Sarvas!


Ekenberg makes no mistake. 1-0.

Some hugging.

Hot feelings. Many Sylvia-players and Erton Fejzullahu involved. Something happens between Fredrik Åström (most warned in Superettan) and Erton Fejzullahu. Henric Andersson gets into the fight and the two behaves like two mountaingoats fighting over a female, situation ended with a head butt from Fejzullahu. Sylvias goalie (right in picture) runs around like a raging bull.

Peter Karlsson has to be held back. Also gets a yellow.

Some thinking for the referees.

First Mjällbyplayer out - red card direct for Fejzullahu.

Ekenberg leads the still angry cockerel out of the pitch.

Dramatical first half is over.

Daniel Nilsson was good as usual.

Unluckily Ivanovski has to leave the pitch for the day and will be out for some weeks.

Second time stretcher in. By the way, Sylvia is last in the fair play competition...

He was applauded by the spectators all the way out .

The last minutes will be very long with just 9 players.

And another red. Johan Persson got a second yellow card for pulling the other guys shirt. Correct according to the book. But hard considering he will be sent out and because his opponent started to pull his shirt and didn´t get nothing.

A fallen hero.

Johan Persson back in the field to celebrate with the teammates. Mjällby made it!

"Many teams will loose here at Strandvallen", says Sylvias trainer Mats Olsson.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Review of the troup after 1/3 of the season

Dusan Melicharek +
Same procedure as last year. Dusan was number 1 but got injured fast after some games. Rickard Fransson took his chance and didn´t do big mistakes. Last year Dusan took his place back after a enormous mistake of Fegler.

Rickard Fransson +++
The big surprise. Who could have imagined that a goal keeper from Division 1 could play at that level ? He is the favorit of the newspapers because he is from Karlskrona but he has shown on the playground that he is talented.

William Leandersson (no notation)
He has startd the season as left back defender but got injured for the rest of the season. Bad luck.

Marcus Lindberg ++
7 games top level and the 2 last a little less performant. Maybe tired. In progress compare to 2005 and 2006.

Robin Cederberg +++
Finaly he is playing at a level we were waiting for. Serious, no mistake, huge progress since Simon Sjöfors is not there…

Daniel Ivanovski +++
Some game fantastic, some game not so fantastic. He wants a lot, is very offensive, defends well. He feels better in the team. He will score before the end of the season.

Tobias Johansson ++
Interesting player, he can defend, he can attack and he feels the goal like not many players.

David Rehn (no notation)
Injured, he is training at 100%. With a Robin, Tobbe and Daniel performant, it will be difficult for him to take a place.

Johan Persson +
A little disappoitment. Contract problem, big head, physical problem? I don´t know but he is not at the level of last year and it´s a pity.

Daniel Nilsson +++
One of his best season start. He can play everywhere and seems to accept it for the team. He is a base player of the coach.

Sasa Zimonjic +
Arrived injured, he is still not ready to play 90 minutes. He should take the place of Daniel Nilsson or Johan Persson. Difficult choice for the Thomas. Sasa is a leader and he is performant with the head. He will play more and take a place in the 11 start.

Marcelo Sarvas++++
Top level player, technical. He is not able yet to be constant all the 90 minutes but what a show to see this creative player.

Philip Jonasson ++
Without noise Phile took a place in the 11 start with a defensive role. A surprise but a good new for the kid of Mjällby.

Patrick Osiako ++
Excellent game against Elfsborg. Very good 30 minutes against Enköping. He will surprise us.

Alexander Malmstrom ++
Best players in Ljungkile but he was back on the bench for the game against Elfsborg and Enköping. He should have get more playing time.

Marcus Ekenberg ++
Marcus Ekenberg is in form in august and september but not so much at the begining of the season. For his defense we can say that he has always 2 guys on the back which give place to the other forward.

Adam Berner ++
Some good thing, even excellent but also some game without nothing, like the last one.

David Löfquist +
Difficult time for the ex- player of Sölvesborg. He learns a lot, he has scored and played 9 with the B-team, a new role form him.

Kim Thörnberg +
An excellent game in cup.

Erton Fejzullahu + + + +
The Zlatan of Blekinge is only 19 years old but he shows a maturity of a guy of 25 years. After a difficult start he scored 4 goal in 3 games. We will remember him.

Johan Svensson (no notation)
Injured, he is now playing at 100%. It will be interesting to see how the coach will deal with him.

Simon Sjöfors (no notation).
He has been seen in Strandvallen the Wednesday of the Sweden rock festival. The oldest guy of the troup is not sure to play again football after a knee injury.

Thomas Andersson, coach ++
With 7 players injured at the begining of the seaon it has not been always a piece of cake to built a competitive team. But it´s may be when all the players start to be back for fight that the problem will start. The two previous years Mjällby had a flat passage during the 2nd third of the season which cost the place of Soren Cratz and Peter Persson. Thomas can not failed with such players.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Worrying defeat against Enköping 2-1

This evening Mjällby has lost for the second time of the season against a poor team of Enköping even if they have put 2 fantastic goals (the game was on TV).

After 9 games the results are as follow:

  • 2 victories

  • 5 draws

  • 2 defeats

We used to beleive that the start of the season had been good but in 2 games the black and yellow have lost everything. Tonight MAIF has played 30 min real football starting from the 60th minute to the 90th minute when Sasa, Alex and Patrick went in.

The majority of the players have played under their level. With 11 points, it´s only one point more than last year…

A year in the merde 3 ?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Pictures from the Bunkeflo battle

An extremely hot day at Strandvallen.
The men in black - in red.

Marcelo Sarvas.

The 2-2 scorer Darko Marasovic.

Not easy to win a ball in the air with the tall Bunkeflo players.
Many white players...

Erton Fejzullahu had a good day at work!

The ball should go that way!

Cederberg again.


Hot in the sun.

The south curve.

What a stile!

Ekenberg was knocked by the Bunkeflo goalie.

And you are out of here!

Some french minks in the crowd.

A fresh Adam Berner.

Chippen didn´t see Mjällbys splendid game towards Elfsborg since he was playing himself for the qualification to the Euro 2008.
Less nice game this time...