Wednesday, November 29, 2006

No football.... let´s go to see hockey.

MAIF will restart the official training soon, begining of december. Test games will be played in February, March... The league will restart in April...
So, what do I do during that time ? I go to see hockey, of course. I understand hockey as much as a swedish understand rugby. Anyway, I will come back. I start to like it.
Atte Valli, scorer for Olofströms IK.

Kristianstad satisfied after the victory

End of the game Olofströms IK - Kristianstads IK (2-3)

Otherwise we are in the transfer period. Svenskafans Mathias Grahn is doing a fantastic job with regular update.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Under 21: Sweden-France 2-4 - Hässleholm 14/11/06

5 french supporters.

Start 11.

Penalty Ola Toivonen.

1000 spectators for a mid-november game.

The French Mink couldn´t miss a Sweden-France under 21 at Hässleholm at 60 km from Mjällby. We arrive just in time but miss half of the "Marseillaise".

It was a new team for the French, no Zubar and Nasri (Marseille), no Gourcuff (Milan AC), no Mavuba (Bordeaux) and no Benzema (Lyon). It didn´t matter. We have seen plaisant game.

We were all a little disapointed by Sweden performance. Except Ola Toivonen, the Swedish have not shown so much... For their defense, they are all in vacation because the season is finished since 2 weeks. The French players are in the middle of the season.

A player to surey: Alexandre BONNET, from Toulouse. He played 45 minutes in the second half and was excellent. He is a "Ludovic Guily" style, small but so so fast. With his number 17 he has put the fire several time in the swedish defense. Bonnet had played the latest Toulouse-Sedan with the same number 17. He had stolen a ball at 30 meters and gave it to Elmander...

Kaboul (4), Dja Djedje (9), Quercia (10) have done a good impression also.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

43 points - 7th place