Saturday, April 29, 2006

Back to the future

2 games have gone, still no victory. Worse, 2 losses. I would like to say that we have not found our place again, but it's tough: we are last of the league, with a whopping 0 points and -4 in goal difference. After 2 games. This year at least we are making some goals. But a lot of yellow cards, and even 1 red already, and a lot of goals taken. Defense must get tighter.

On monday, the Bromma kids are visiting. They lectured Landskrona, our colleagues in the zero-wins league, properly this week with a 5-2 score. Last they came over here we got 2-4. And we have to play them in 2 weeks away in the cup.
I am of the optimist type, but this time "it smells fir", as we say in french (although it does not translate too well).

Well, well, if anything, we'll have a good time at the stadium. See you in Strandvallen!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Mjällby AIF 1 – 2 Ljungskile SK: A year in the merde ?

Bad start for Mjällby. First game and first defeat at home. The two last training games had not been good, a humuliating defeat in Landskrona, 6-0, and a defeat at home, 0-3 against Värnamo, club from a division under…

Mjällby AIF 1 – 2 Ljungskile SK
0-1 Smedberg 53 min
0-2 Zarkovic 76 min
1-2 Johansson 81 min

My opinion and notes of the players

Dusan 5/10
It seems that the "lucky" Dusan is not here anymore. He can not do so much on the second goal. Maybe involved in the first one.

Wille 3/10 (out 68 min)
Wille lost an important ball at the 53 min (0-1). It´s not acceptable.

Lindberg 5/10
His collaboration with Guiomar was good except on the first goal. They have not played a lot together.

Guiomar 5/10
Johan is missing playing time. Looks promissing.

R. Sandström 5/10 (out 80 min)
Involved in the first goal. Good game otherwise.

Captain Hiirsa 6/10
Big activity. A good Hiirsa.

Jonas Andersson 2/10 (68 min)
Slow, not good freekick and corner. Good that he came out.

Johan Svensson 5/10
He gives the ball to Johansson for 1-2. It´s a pity that he doesn´t pass more often

D. Nilsson 5/10
Honnest game of D. Nilsson. He will have difficulty to keep being in the start 11 this year.

M. Ekenberg 6/10
Big activity. He went down often to get the ball. He believed in a 2-2 until the end. Good for the future - as usual.

Simon. 6/10
Normally he starts the season very slowly. He is a diesel. For a start, it was ok. He took a lot of ball with his head. He had a big opportunity to score but he missed unfortunatelly.

In T. Johansson 68 min 7/10
This player is fundamental for the team. He was a little injured that´s why he just came in at the end.

In J. Persson 68 min 6/10
He is technical, fast. He should have his place from the start.

In A. Malmström 81 min 6/10
Dangerous on his left wing. He needs to play !

Referee Monsieur Lerjéus 2/10
Monsieur Lerjéus has not always taken the good decision. He dind´t see the scandalous agression of Niklas Svensson, Ljungskile goalkeeper, on Marcus Lindberg.

The best in the field was Ljungskiles goalkeeper Nicklas Svensson 8/10 but he goes down the 0/10 due to his unprofessinal attitude. The right defender Edwin Phiri shows positive aggressivity and good skills.