Sunday, December 02, 2007

Silly season status

Quickly, a little status of the movements in the team.
The players who will leave MAIF:
  • Marcus Lindberg to Kalmar.
  • Simon Sjöfors to Kristianstad
  • Johan Persson to Landskrona
The players who will not leave MAIF:
  • Marcus Ekenberg
  • Tobias Johansson
  • Adam Berner
  • Johan Svensson
The new players who have joined MAIF:
  • Mathias Asper from Bromma Pojkarna
  • Claes Olofsson from Nosaby
  • Jörgen Nilsson from Eslöv

Now to the silly part, the rumours:
The players who may leave MAIF:
  • Rickard Fransson
  • Alexander malmström
  • Philip Jonasson
The players who may join MAIF:
  • Pavel Zavadil from Öster
  • Fredrik Ahl from Ystad
  • Marcello Sarvas from Kristianstad

The other current players not mentioned here are under contract with MAIF and will therefore continue to play for MAIF next year.