Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Last days for transfer opportunities...

Mario Lamesic, midfield player from Slovenia or Bosnia has been seen training with the Mjällby troup last Monday.

Dobes has finaly not signed in Enköping due to financial reasons.

Back to MAIF - Trelleborgs FF (0-0) in pictures

In the back, supporters happy to see Hasse Larsson back as vice-coach.

Jermaine Hue freekick.

Lindberg injured. One of his best game this year.

Mensah near the red card.

Hasse is back...

Dangerous freekicks from D. Nilsson. Strandvallen was pushing.

Air battle for Ekenberg.

Noisy supporters of Trelleborg... but when you are leading the ligue...

Daniel Ivanovski at the end of the game: Ivan the terrible. Enormous game. Best on the field.

Big midfield battle has reported Trelleborg coach.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mjällby- Trelleborg (0-0): Fighting spirit is back.

Like Thomas Andersson said at the press conference after the game: "if you had told me before the game I would have one point before the game against Trelleborg, I would sign for it. but after the game there is some dissapointment".

And it is true that Mjällby deserved to get 3 points today. The 1821 persons present today were satisfied of the game (maybe not the 50 supporters of Trelleborg, that could stay home and take a good "fika" instead of coming to see their team today), gave a big applause to the team, because we didn't see the difference between a team that fights for points and a team that is leading the championship.

To start with the negative point of the game: Michael Lerjéus, the referee. he probably get his licence in a kellog's corn flakes packet. 3 penalties not blown for Mjällby, then an action that is very bizarre: Fredrik Olsson is on duel with the last defender of Trelleborg, that touch the ball with the hand. He decided that there was a fault from Olsson. I mean, Olsson is not the most physical player on the field against a guy 1.85m high and 80kg. But it is known that the referees always give advantages to the team that are on the top of the championship. Even a blind man would be better than the referee today. And then these 3 penalties that are very borderline. When you 3 actions like this, the last one you have to blow a penalty for accumulation. it is like the yellow cards, it took some time before a player of Trelleborg get it: if the player didn't do at least 3 faults today, then he didn't get his yellow card.

The defense today of Mjällby was very good. Dusan did 2 good saves. Hiirsa was playing right defender, not so secure on the first half, he has to be used to his new position. the second half was better, good support for the offensive actions. Wille on his left side was impressive, no mistakes, serious in all his passes and movements. the central defense was a good surprise. Lindberg and Ivanovski were physical today, no stupid mistakes. Ivanovski took in individual marking the number 18 of Trelleborg, Michael Mensah, and was in one word excellent. he didn't one chance against ivanovski today. if the defense could have the same level of playing like today till the end of the season, it will be a very good thing.

In the midfield, Johan Persson and Daniel Nilsson did a game like they use to do it: physical, aggressive ( in a good meaning). Johan Svensson, on the right side, did a good game, always looking for the one-on-one. He was completely tired at the end of the game. Jermaine Hue on the left side, had a first half with up and downs. the second half better, interesting on the corners and free kicks.

The attacking today was composed by Marcus Ekenberg and Fredrik Olsson. the first thing is that they pressed the defenders when they have the ball, very generous. Eken was a good support regarding the heading today, took a lot of balls and did some deviations. Olsson is coming back step by step to his level; one good shot in the first half, one of the potential penalty (maybe if he only falls, the referee had given it), and this bizarre action in the first half also.

A good game today of Mjällby, we all hope that it is a sign of a good end season.

We don't have to forget the presence of Hasse Larsson as co-trainer. He is in one word fantastic, pushing and motivating during 90 minutes the players.

The end of the season is interesting: we will play against Assyriska (a 6 points game), Väsby, Sundsvall, Umea and Falkenberg. These games are important, because these teams are just before Mjällby in the championship.

So guys, you know what to do! we will support you.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Back to Qviding - Mjällby (2-3) in pictures

Ze French Mink presents exclusive picture from the game of Wednesday. Thank you to Antje Malmström.

Action in first half.

Jerry Hue left foot.

D. Nilsson begging second half...

... and goal !!

Marcus Ekenberg, the best player one more time.

MAIF supporters.

Victory !

... it was a long time.

Smiles for Eken and D. Nilsson.

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Qviding - MAIF 2-3: Thank you Marcus Ekenberg !

One more time Marcus Ekenberg has been the man of the situation. He put two goals in the first half.

The fact of the game can be seen following the link:

Regarding the ranking, Mjällby is still in bad position but Assyriska and Falkebbergs are at 3 points.

In the local newspaper Sydöstran, the best players have been Ekenberg (SSS), Hue(SS) and Lindberg (S).

Next game: Sunday 17h00 against Mjällby nightmare Trelleborg...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Back to Mjällby - Norrköping (1-1) in pictures

No comment.

The two new players: Ivanovski and Hue.

Norrköping supporters in Strandvallen.

Hue and Svensson wing guys. Start of 2nd half

Marcus Ekenbeg freekick. No goal...

Adam Berner: first game in Superettan.

Marcus Ekenberg head down at the end of the game.

Press conference after the game. The draw is not good for Norrköping and not good for MAIF.
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Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Return of Ze Pajas

...and they were several today, apparently the line-men have been to Pajas Academy as well. I put Mr Pajas (the very same as the famous one from last year) and his 2 associates a Yellow Card for forgetting to calm down some Norrköping players with give some well deserved cards (ugly tackle on Johan S 1 meter away from the line man, very ugly tackle and a kick on Lindberg, Ivanoski pushed down in the zone, Eken's arms and shirt held on repeated occasion, etc etc...). Also why Simon got a yellow card on a non-action at the 6th minute is beyond me, it is as close to unfair towards him as can be, in comparison with some of the IFK tackles, especially after the 60th minutes they were clearly not going for the ball.

Opportunity-wise, Olsson had a couple of very good ones, he missed a 1-on-1 in the first half (the ball skimmed right past the post while the keeper was beaten), and a header in the second half that unfortunately was too centered, right on the keeper. But good activity overall, only lack of finishing. Eken also had some opportunities, but again the IFK keeper was on the way. The same goes for Johan S, Simon, and the others. At the end, young Adam Berner (in for Olsson) showed some very quick and promising actions.

Only Johan P managed to head in a ball on an indirect corner kick at the 83rd minute.

IFK's goal had come just before at the 79th, a very low free-kick, the ball goes through the wall and bounces on the very wet grass, Dusan cannot block it, and a free IFK player pushes in the return. A little miss from Simon who was at the post, but could not stop that ball, that was quite difficult anyway.

Green Card to more or less the whole MAIF team. Simon Did a lot of work in defense, had an extraordinary opportunity on a header which the IFK keeper really stole from his head at the last second. Wille was good, very active, working well with the midfielders ahead of him. Johan S. was very offensive, beating his defenders more often than not. Lindberg good, Danne good. Dusan did some very good saves. The new players Jermaine and Ivanovski have been good, they made a couple of mistakes quite obviously due to their need to get used to their new team, who is playing how, how fast they run etc... I think Jermaine could have played more offensive as well.

Final score: 1-1, but it should have been 3-1. The IFK management can give a big bonus to their keeper for this point.
It's a pity because we could definitely have taken all 3 points, we had the game very much under control, and at times obviously dominating it, but with the help of a very compact IFK defense and very forgiving judging our attacks were often stopped

MAIF showed a lot of will in this game, but really what was missing was more goals, and better organisation on the free kicks situations. I don't know you, but I think I have heard/said that very sentence several times already this season.

In the ranking, we are now 3rd from the end with 20 points, Sundsvall have passed us after beating the Bromma kids, but they are only 1 point ahead. We must take the 3 points of next game against Qviding away if we want to keep a chance of staying in the SuperEttan.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dobes to Enköping

Roman Dobes 27th of July - Training in Strandvallen.

The blog for Czech fans of swedish football reports that Roman Dobes has signed a contract with Enköping division 1 club (one division under Mjällby). Enköping is leading the serie and could play in superettan next year.


Dobes trained one week end of July with Mjällby but Jermaine Hue had been prefered.

Good info Milan !

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Mjällby B - Helsingborg B: 4-4

We have seen a very pleasant game this evening in Strandvallen with plenty of goals, 8 in total. Everybody was curious to see Hue and Ivanovski. Right now, it´s more funny to see playing the B-team than the A- team... Come to the stadium ! It´s free.

The team was as follows (4-1-4-1 at the begining if I have seen well):

Junior goal keeper Alexander Söderling.
David Rehn, Daniel Ivanovksi, Robin Cederberg, Richard Sandström in defense.
Mathias Erlandsson.
Adam Berner, Phille Jonasson, Jermaine Hue and Alex Malmström midfield.
Kim Thörnberg.

Goal for MAIF:
- Kim T.
- Alex M. penalty after a good run from Adam B.
- Hue assis from Alex M.
- Phille goal type Madjer goal in final of the Champion league in 1987 won by Porto.

Malmström on penalty.

Malmström, Hue, Jonasson - A team watch out!

Directly after Philles goal. To see how he did it, take a look here:

Hue has been good specialy in the first half. He is ready for a full game. It´s promessing. Ivanovski had more difficulty. He seems not yet at the top of his form.

Jonas Andersson was not playing. We can understand why after the news put on maif.nu. He will play for Bromölla until the end of the season.

Fegler didn´t play because we was not there.

The A-team looked the game from the tribune. Some of them cam be worried. Phille, Alex, Hue can play with the A-team direct from start and put some guys on the bench!

Helsinborg side, Olivier Karekezi was impressive. Fredrik Björck got a red card for 2 yellow totally justified.

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Some words with Jermaine Hue

Jermaine Hue in Sölvesborg downtown Monday morning

This morning Sölvesborg downtown (ah ah) I run into Jermaine Hue who was doing some windows shopping. He nicely answered to some questions.

Hello Jermaine, how are you?

- Good.

What about the game of yesterday?

- Well... not good.

You have played the last 15 minutes?

- Yes I entered at the... 72nd minutes I think. I didn´t see the ball so much. The ball was passing over me.

They played on Simon who went from back to the front?

- Yes exactly. In that condition it´s not easy for me. I am a number 10.

So you could be the Zidane of Mjällby!

- Yes (laughing). That is my role in the team. As a "number ten" I distribute the ball and, as I say, I play with short passes.

Will you play tonight with the B team?
- Yes and Daniel Ivanovski also.

Other subject, what about your first week here?

- Well .... it´s quiet and rainy. I should move to Solvesborg at the begining of the month.

On the blog Ze French Mink we got many visit from Jamaica. As a reggae boy you are followed over there.

- Ah? Is it Mosiah? He is a very good friend.

We go to see you tonight. Thank you.

- You are welcome. See you tonight.

Visit the reggaeboys´ homepage.

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Aie Aie Aie.... Bromma - MAIF 4-1

And again a a defeat for Mjällby away...

There was 0-0 until the 42nd minute but at half time Brommapojkarna was leading 2-0.

Todays local newspaper BLT and Sydöstran report big mistake from the defense. Mjällby came back at the end at 2-1 with Olsson or Ekenberg (not clear who) but then a new mistake of Lindberg gave 3-1 and then 4-1 in the injury time...

Simon was playing central defender. Robin was on the bench (it couldn´t have been his fault this time then). Since Lindberg took over the capitana from Hirsa, he multiplies bad performances. Even on the training of last Thursday he was not good. He has totally lost confidence.

Hopefully the French Minks will have some photos of the game, which will be posted tonight.

A short report of tonights b-team game with Helsingborg will follow. Both new players, Hue and Ivanovski, are reported to play.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Retro 2005 GAIS-Mjällby: Victory 2-3 and first game and first goal for Zavadil

Jermaine Hue is in the troup for Brommapojkana this afternoon 17h00. The question that everybody asks is: "Will he play from the start ?".

Presentation of the team at Gamla Ullevi.

The team in front of the supporters at the end of the game.

Pavel and Alex are training just before coming in.

It´s a good opportunity to come back to the first game of Pavel Zavadil last year. It was against GAIS at Gamla Ullevi. Pavel came in at the 72th minutes while Mjällby was leading 2-1. Malmström entered just some minutes before, got a freequick well placed at 82 nd minute. Pavel took the ball, passed the wall and scored.

Just before the end of the game, Gais scored a second goal. Mjällby won 3-2 away. It didn´t save the place of Sören Cratz some weeks after but Pavel legend was on going !

If you want to remember the fact of that game, you can go to the svenskafans site through the link below (very good archive system by the way).



Jermaine, I don´t think you will play from start but good luck !

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

1st mink anniversary

Today, august 12th 2006, is the 1st anniversary of ze French Minks blog.
Remember, it was not much but it was there.

Since then:
  • me and my co-minks have created 101 posts (including this one)
  • we have, as I'm writing this and according to our counter, had 5799 visitors and 10601 visits
  • the top number of visits was recently set at 190 for the single day of august 1st
  • while 80% of our visitors are locals, the remaining 20% come from such various countries as Czech republic, France, US, UK, Spain, Norway, Italy and Australia. MAIF is a world-class team!
  • we have gathered an astounding 7.46$ through advertising. Luckily, the club was not counting on that money to recruit new players... ;-)

Well we hope this site is, if not informative, insightful and unbiased, at least entertaining and informative for those not well versed in swedish.

Keep visiting the site.
To be sure to not miss a single article from ze mink team, install our toolbar.
Keep advertising the site to other MAIF:are.
Keep posting comments.
But most importantly, keep coming to the games and supporting the team.

Heja MAIF!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

First training for Daniel Ivanovski

Daniel Ivanovski has trained today for the first time with Mjällby. The impression is good.
The group was reduced because the B-team was playing with Trelleborg at 18h00.

Olsson, Phille, Jonas, Simon, Wille played with the B- team (defeat 2-3). Simon played central defender.
Dusan, Alex, Hue, Daniel, Tobbe trained with the A- team, 11 players and the 2 new ones, 13 in total.

Reproduction of images from the Ze French Minks is not allowed without permission of the author.

New central defender for MAIF: pictures of the training will be posted this evening

After Jermaine Hue, Daniel Ivanovski, central defender, has signed for MAIF until the end of the season.


Pictures of the training will be posted tonight.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pictures MAIF - Örebro

This game will not stay in the memory. We will just remember that it was summer, hot weather and more than 2200 people in Strandvallen.

Concentration of the players before start of the game.

Hiirsa has played central midfield.

Difficult to pass Örebro defense.

Disappointed people leaving the stadium.

No comment and bravo.

A coach happy on the right, a kid happy on th knee of a disappointed coach on the left.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

19 points after 18 days = DANGER

Double clic on the graph to see it bigger on your screen

The situation starts to be critical for Mjällby even if compare to last year at the same period MAIF has 6 points more.

You can see on the curve up that the real crisis started a little bit later last year. It was Day 20 with 3 defeats in a row:

- Mjällby - Öster 0-2
- AIK - Mjällby 3-1
- Mjällby - Trelleborg 0-1

This year hoppefully the crisis is behind us, only 2 points of 15 possible during the last 5 games .

How to go out of this crisis ? Jermaine Hue has signed for MAIF just after the game with Örebro.

The next game at home are:

- Norrköping
- Trelleborgs
- Jönköping
- Väsby
- Sundsvall
- Degerfors

The next game away are:

- Bromma
- Qviding
- Assyriska
- Landskrona
- Umeå
- Falkenberg

35 points (points needed to stay in Superettan) - 19 points (actual points) = 16 points

SuperMink Forecast:

Victory at home with: Jonköping, Sundsvall and Degerfors = 9 points
Victory away: Qviding and Umeå =6 points
A draw with a top team = 1 points
Total 16 points ...

It´s not done... but not impossible.

Allez MAIF !

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mjällby-örebro : 3-0 !!!

2208 mjällby fans had the opportunity to see a wonderful game of Mjällby this afternoon at strandvallen.
3 goals from Tobbe Johansson, D. Melichàrek and R. Cederberg.

OF COURSE THIS IS A DREAM. örebro won 3-0, and we can say that they derserve it. But for the goals I am not so far away, I will come back later on it. We saw a team that is tactically, technically and physically better than the other team. Of course I am talking about örebro.

We didn't see a big domination of örebro, but they did very good what they had to do. this team is able to do more or less what they want. acceleration, passes in the foot, first touch, deviation, and 3 wonderful goals. they don't take any risks behind, play simple, and are very good organized. it looks simple, but they have a compact team, the player which has the ball has always 2-3 possibilities to play.

The first goal only after 3 minutes. Nordback is the scorer; totally alone on the second post, no chance for Dusan, nice shot. Why was he so alone on the goal, this was the side of Tobbe Johansson.
the Second goal is coming at the 23 rd minutes. nice shot from Henriksson from 20 meters and touching the post. For me, Dusan is half responsible on this goal, even if the shot is very good placed.
Finally, the third goal is scored after a ball lost STUPIDLY by Cedeberg. he falls by controlling the ball on the head in the midfield, no pressure from a player of örebro, totally alone, he didn't have to stress. So he lost the ball, a örebro player takes the ball, and the result is the third goal by Larsen. Very nice goal also, dribbling a Mjällby player easily, and shot from 20 meters.

It was a demonstration of fotball.
What on our side? in the first half, 2 shots from Ekenberg; one from Malmström. in the second half, a very good opportunity for Nilsson, totally missed, it was a one on one. and A chance for Olsson.

Today was the defense a disaster. It is repetitive and it starts to be a shame. it is not like it was new players from this year, they played together last year also. Lindberg is the captain, and so What? no control on the defense, always long shots for ekenberg which was the only striker in the first half against 4 defensers with experience. 2 balls lost in the middle of the field in the second half that could make 2 goals more for örebro. Cederberg is responsible on the third goal, sam comments as for Lindberg, too many balls given to örebro on long shots. tobbe is responsible on the first goal, and Sandström did a game "à la Sandström". he went out at the half time. not the best support for Malmström on the left side. no Offensive activity.

Malmström touched his first ball arounf the 15th minute. Result, he left his left side to play a little more in the center. Why playing with this tactic if it is not to play with the attacking midfielder on the side. Thomas, what has to say the trainer on it?

Svensson and Ekenberg didn't pass one time the defenders, maybe a little bit tired.

Average game for Nilsson and Hiir-Salakka.

And Good game from Johan Persson, a lot of activity in the midfield, took a lot of balls. but he was the only one to survive.

The end of the season will be difficult, it would be good to win against the average teams.

But Today, it was a complete disaster of the defense, and we don't have to forget that Lindberg is the leader of the defense and the captain of the team.
and instead of looking for a midfielder, it will better to buy a good defender...

Last info: the goalkeeper of örebro will play with the B-team on Wednesday because it was boring for him today, and he didn't touch a lot of balls today.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Exclusive pictures Ljungskile SK -Mjällby AIF 1-1

Photos Antje Malmström

Ze French Minks have managed to get EXCLUSIVE PICTURES from the goal refused to Marcus Ekenberg. As you can see, the referee Monsieur Kowacs was in a good position to juged if it was goal or not. I have tried to zoom in/out during many minutes. It´s difficult to say.

Take a chance, clic on the pictures and try to see if it was goal or not.