Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ze French Minks on the loose...

Sweden - France 2 - 3
We where there!Ullevi

Legends from the World cup 1958
And more legends. French this time.

Sibel from Kristianstad
She was good!

French funny guys...

Weather was... dark. Rain before the game, but nothing during.

Smallest Mink.

Källström best in field.

French joy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mjällby - Bunkeflo 0 - 1...

... what can one say. MAIF loose 0-1 at home with a team on the way down.

You know the Mjällby that some people already saw in Allsvenskan for the forth time. No, I don´t think they will make it this time. Already if you check the points of what is normally the standard of getting a place direct, or by play off, to get up to the first league, Mjällby will not make it. Even if the Superettan of 2008 is a weird one where the top teams can loose with the bottom (see MAIF yesterday). If they don´t win with a team on the place of Bunkeflo - and they didn´t lack their chances - I am sorry, but we don´t have the level.

The recruiting of Niklas Skoog is not the miracle medicine that makes it. Even if that might have been what the players yesterday where thinking. Because Ekenberg was not to recognize most of the time. He is still a good player. Not bad at all. But not the big striker that only he can be. Speedy Gonzales Berner was also not to be identified in tuesdays game. He still had some chances, but didn´t take them. Whatever you might think of Johan Svenssons greatness, he was not there yesterday as well as Erton Fejzullahu. That had to give new positions for some players which might leave confusion. For example we found Tobias Johansson on the right wing. Nothing wrong with that. He has done, if not miracles before, very well on that position. The problem was that he had / took / got another role as a playmaker and battle general in the midfield. The only one showing the way actually. That though left some space empty on the right side where Daniel Ivanovski came throught. Just that he was always so alone. Which in its turn lead to to much dribbling on his own and he lost the ball.

Who stood out then? Well, Asper did a good enough game, even if not his best. Daniel Nilsson made an enourmous effort on the midfield. And William Leandersson did a great work. Even if I got nervous every time, at the end, when he took it so easy near his own goal. But every time he turned out as the winner and cleared the situation out. That is more than you can say about his collegues Cederberg and Robledo. Cederberg started ok, but the more the situation got critical, the more careless he played. Robledo didn´t have his best day at work and frustration finally lead to two yellow cards and he was out. Except the red for Robledo, MAIF also got yellows on Ivanovski (miss next game?) and Johansson.

What about the game? Well, Mjällby started with good intensions. Continued even better had o so many chances. But didn´t score. State that LB07s goalie Ola Svensson had a great day at work and did some miraculous saving. But still. So the joy of seeing a game with multiple chances for our home team changed into frustration that they couldn´t make it. When then finally Bunkeflo scored in the 71st minute the house of cards fell together. From not beeing able to score that goal (now two had been needed) Mjällby got problems to defend themselves and it was just chaos. The team lacked the skill to score, but mostly it seems, the fighting spirit needed. Hope they have found it back for next game with leeding Örgryte. It might be more inspiring!

Goal: 0–1 (70) Henrik Ewald.
Yellow cards, Mjällby: Juan Robledo, Daniel Ivanovski, Tobias Johansson.
Red card, Mjällby: Juan Robledo.

Mjällby: Mattias Asper – Daniel Ivanovski (74), Juan Robledo, Robin Cederberg, William Leandersson – Adam Berner, Patrick Osiako (81), Daniel Nilsson, Tobias Johansson – Niklas Skoog (70), Marcus Ekenberg. Bench: Rickard Fransson, David Rehn (74), David Löfquist (81), Jörgen Nilsson, Robin Kacaniklic (70).

Referee: Keiji Hyvärinen, Haparanda.

Spectators: 1 904.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Listen to Mjällby - Limhamn-Bunkeflo

Radio Blekinge broadcasts tuesday evenings game between Mjällby and Limhamn/Bunkeflo IF.

The game starts at 19.00 tueday the 19th of august, but the radio starts their transmission already at 18.45. The telecast will be going on until 21.00. Commentator is Fredrik Persson assisted by Ze French Minks friend and ex-Maif goalie Leif Persson.

French Minks on the loose

It is 50 years since Sweden arranged the World Cup in Football. On this historical occasion the Swedish federation invites France for a anniversary international match.

Ze French Minks as well as some other French goes to see the game in Gothenburg.

20 augusti, 21.00Ullevi, Göteborg.

The game is transmitted on TV8 and in the Radiosporten.

Swedens troup:
France troup:

Friday, August 15, 2008

Draw 0-0 against Jönköping

MAIF took 1 point home from the trip to Jönköping tonight. Dominated the first hour without transforming (1 goal refused though) and the last half Jönköping missed its few occasions.
No goals still, Eken and Skoog don't find each other, the latter still too slow and stopping the game and Sasa is only playing with his head. Erton got hurt in a knee, we'll see how long he'll be out.

The only good news is the defense + keeper team is working, 4 games without a goal taken.

Again we failed to take points against a bottom team. We're lucky the other top teams did not do so well in this round, so we still manage to climb to 4th place.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Listen to MAIF - Jönköping

You can listen to thursdays game between Jönköping Södra and Mjällby AIF on the web.

The game start at 19h and you can find it here:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Victory home against Sirius 1-0

A victory today during this 18th game of the season at home, with 1-0 against Sirius. Unfortunately not so very satisfactory.

The game started well and the first goal came rather quickly at the 7th minute. Osiako gets the ball at the entrance of the surface and some room, shoots hard just below the bar, Sirius' keeper has to push it out into a corner kick, that Robin shoots well, re-entering, and Robledo heads it in with at the 1st pole just in front of Sirius' keeper. 1-0.
After that MAIF continue to push, but what was most obvious was the disorganization at the midfield: Sasa was playing very high and centre, leaving the right wing empty. But that was Skoog's place, so they kept tripping on each other. So we were playing some sort of 4-3-3 leaning on the left. If their was someone on the right, it was Ivanoski. In the defensive phases, it was often Osiako or Danne who were defending on the right. Luckily Sirius did not use their left channel so much.

Fortunately in the second half Thomas did put some order and get the players to their place, so their were fewer holes. Sirius were also more lively and created quite many occasions, but really wasted them all. MAIF was pushing as well, but did not manage to create clear cut occasions, except Berner's acceleration in the end that Sirius' keeper saved, or wasted them as well. So the number of shots on the goal is quite equal to both team, but it was more like the number of shots "within 10m of the goal"....

Very good game by Asper again, saved many balls. What a confidence back there.
Ivanovski very offensive, especially in the first when there was noone ahead of him so he had to push the ball all the way.
Good defense by Robin and Robledo, despite a couple of misses, but none that Asper could not cover.
Very good game by Wille, who intercepted many balls and started many offensive actions.
Svensson did not do much, or at least not so much that became something.
Enormous game by Danne, he's run a marathon today. Offensive, defensive, everywhere.
Good game by Osiako, good distribution. When he was not doing other people's job that is.
Very average game by Sasa. He played half of the game not at his place without making sure he had a coverage, while he was up he was inexistant in defensive phases, and he didn't come to anything dangerous. It seems everybody likes him, but I'm sorry I don't see what he brings.
Same comment for Skoog, he definitely can control balls with very few touches, but he's too static, he was playing too low instead of supporting Eken, he's calling many balls but usually lost them shortly after. Not convincing.
Eken still has difficulties at the top, he had more space today but did not create so many dangerous situations. It's been a while since he scored. Caught too many times off-side.

The replacers were Tobbe, Berner and Löfqvist who did ok for the little time they had.

The pajas was ok.

Coach Thomas was not very inspired in his choice of players. Svensson is not in his top condition, leave him on the bench until he is. As I said above I am not a big fan of Sasa, or at least use it in the centre as it's his natural position. Skoog is not very well integrated in the team and could use some physical and mobility training.
We have so many replacers for the midfield, I really don't understand why most never get a chance except a stupid tactical change in the last minute.
If they both want to play center, put Skoog and Sasa there, last time I checked Eken was quite an excellent right winger.
But please use the players in a place that suits them, not wherever there is a hole, just to have them on the pitch. And give a chance to the youngsters, especially when we play against the bottom teams.

So in the end, another game where we were lucky that the opponents lacked the skills or realism to transform all their opportunities into a couple of goals. And where Asper saved our a**es in more than one occasion. But the opponents are at the bottom of the table, we cannot continue with such playing with the top teams, we'll get crushed.

Anyway 18 games played, 5th of the league with 31 points, we are still in contact with the 4 teams above, but there must be some order in the positions and play style if we intend to climb or even keep that position.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Heavy defeat away at Väsby (3-0)

Yesterday MAIF lost at Väsby with 3-0. Tough conditions as it was very windy, and the pitch was soaked with the heavy rain from the morning.
The first goal was unintentionally deviated in by Robledo after a corner kick. It stood long like that, and the new attacking duo Eken-Skoog did not manage to make space for themselves up front. And Väsby's defense and keeper seem to have had a good day. The last 2 goals were made in extra-time on 2 consecutive actions, when the MAIF-players had abandonned playing.
Not good.

After the 17th round for the season, MAIF is now 5th of the league, Åtvidaberg having climbed to the 4th place after winning away in Jönköping. But only 2 points away from the last place to Allsvenskan, so the top is still within reach.

Chippen to Al Hilal

Chippen was back in town end of this week while his club Nantes was playing against Rennes in friendly game. It was not a good sign but both Nantes and Chippen had decided since some weeks to stop their collaboration.

FC Nantes web site


So from now we will have to follow the Saudi Arabia championship. According to Aftonbladet Chippen is transferred for 18 millions sek. Entering the site of Al Hilal you should be able to see Chippen presented officialy.

We can be a little worry for Chippen carrier in the national team. Hoppefully he will be present the mid august for Sweden-France in Göteborg.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Fransson finally

Mjällbys goalie Rickard Fransson is not out of the picture anymore!

Despite news saying that MAIF and Fransson have choosen different paths and said goodbye to each other (in a friendly way) the club confirmed on the monday that Fransson will continue in the club.

Ze French Minks welcomes you back, Rille!

It doesn´t seem thought that Fransson will be there for tonights game with Väsby United.

3rd of May 2007 - Mjällby under 21 against Helsingborg

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Pictures Mjällby-Brommapojkarna

Public record of the season 3 150.

Number 14 entered at the 60th minute disapointed. Robledo was better.

Sasa SUPERSTAR after his goal.

2 coaches in press conference. One happy, one not so happy.

Friday, August 01, 2008

The MAIF - Malmö connection

Niklas Skoog is the new MAIFer

Fridays hottest news in Football-Blekinge was that Niklas Skoog, ex scorer of Malmö FF is ready for the black and yellow shirt. After some scoop info in the local papers that Mjällby had signed well known Malmö FF striker Niklas Skoog same papers denied that anything had happened. Even if both clubs agreed to the move Skoog himself rejected the offer.

After some more thinking Skoog changed his mind and the transfer was a fact.

A great recruitment and one of the bigger in MAIFs history.

Highly qualified Niklas Skoog, 34 years, is 178 cm tall, weights 78 kg and is said to have Allsvenskans biggest ass (have not checked that detail). He debutaded in Allsvenskan with Västra Frölunda in 1991. But he is most famous for being a Malmö FF skriker since 2000. He was best scorer in Allsvenskan in 1995 and 2003. He has 8 selections in the national team, won Allsvenskan in 2004 with Malmö - toghether with Mattias Asper and has totally played 195 games of Allsvenskan, scoring 86 goals. He has also been a professional in the german clubs MSV Duisburg (1996-1998) och FC Nürnberg (1998-1999).

Skoog is ready to play for Mjällby with immediate effect, which means that he can do his MAIF debute already monday with Väsby United.

Niklas Skoog is on loan from Malmö FF for the rest of the season.

The other Malmö connection is that ex Mjällby goalkeeper Dusan Melicharek made his Allsvenskan debut saturday. Unfortunatelly after MFFs regular goalie, Jonas Sandqvist, had to leave the field after a bloody story. He collided with IFKs Ragnar Sigurdsson and both players had to leave the field. Sigurdsson came back into the pitch very fast but it took a while to put Sandqvists head together. He did come back though but had to give up and leave his place to Melicharek early in the second half. The game ended 2-0 to IFk Göteborg, both goals made before Melicharek entered. First goal made by 17 year old Robin Söder already in the first minute. Jonas Wallerstedt scored his seventh goal of the season in the sixth minute of the injury time.

By the way, Melicharek saw the good game of Mjällby with Brommapojkarna last Tuesday together with Amel Hrnjic, goal of SGIF (Sölvesborg).