Sunday, February 17, 2008

Always defeated by Värnamo...

Saturday at noon there was another game at Svarta Led. Mjällby still in red, met Värnamo - and lost. Don´t they always with those big smålands timberjack guys?!

Score 0-1 in a rather boring game.

But the weather was great! (As long as the sun was strong enough to warm us up).

Mjällby played with two different teams, one in each half:

Team First Half:


Olofsson (Nosaby), Robledo (Chile), Cederberg, Asani (Raufoss)

JöNilsson (Eslöv), Löfqvist, Johansson, J Svensson

Zimonjic, Ekenberg

Team Second Half:


Jonasson, Ivanovski, Asani, Johansson

Lennartsson, DeNilsson, M Svensson, Thörnberg

Fejzullahu, Nwaneri (Nigeria)

Central defense.

Asani from Raufoss.

Some action.

Eslöv-Nilsson on the move.

Collins Nwaneri.

Thörnberg, Nwaneri

Nwaneri, Fejzullahu

It wasn´t that hot... !

Youngsters: Fejzullahu (19), Nwaneri (20), Svensson (18)

Where´s the ball?!

Erton & Collins seen from the other side


Action in front of the Värnamo goal

More action...

...and even more. Nwaneri goes on Lennartssons kick

Erton on the ground

Erton again, Collins and Jacke


The last action?

And it is over.

Not a good game from MAIF, but more of a test of the players fysic it seemed.

Only players doing 90 minutes where Edmir Asani - in two positions, first half as left defender and in the second as central defender, and Tobbe Johansson who started in the central midfield - probably his best position, and continued as (usual) as left defender.

Next training game:

Svarta Led, Wednesday, 18h

with Karlskrona AIF

followed by a tough game with Halmstad BK next saturday.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Training game MAIF-Ängelholm

Saturday afternoon Mjällby played this years first home training game at Svarta Led in Sölvesborg. The home team, playing in red, won 3 - 1 over Ängelholms FF.

Mjällby started explosively and scored their three goals within the first 15 minutes. The two first by Sasa Zimonjic and the third by Marcus Ekenberg. Ekenberg was first on the boll which Zimonjic entered already in the second minute played. Assist on the other two goals from an inspired Philip Jonasson.

Mjällbys team was not the same as last in Kalmar since MAIF was testing a trio of players and lacked some own players as well - Erton Fejzullahu was sick, Patrick Osiako in Kenya with his family and some others missing as well.

Mjällbys start eleven:
Dusan Melicharek
Daniel Ivanovski – Emir Asani – Juan Robledo – Robin Cederberg
Philip Jonasson – Pablo Cesar Doffo – Daniel Nilsson – Johan Svensson
Sasa Zimonjic - Marcus Ekenberg

Dusan Melicharek - Mattias Asper (45)
Sasa Zimonjic - Jörgen Nilsson (45)
Johan Svensson - Kassoma Mawana (60)

Second game for Juan Robledo from Chile who did a good game.

Ekenberg in the red dress.

Robin Cederberg took a step to the left leaving the mid position to Juan Robledo and Makedonian/Norwegian Emir Asani. Daniel Ivanovski to the right.

Argentinian Pablo Cesar Doffo played in the midfield, here with Daniel Nilsson.

Robledo again, Ivanovski behind.

Mattias Asper entered in the second half. In the first one Dusan Melicharek guarded the goal - and took one on penalty.

1-0 Sasa Zimonjic (2)
2-0 Sasa Zimonjic (7)
3-0 Marcus Ekenberg (15)
3-1 Mattias Adelstam (penalty17)