Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Czech expedition finally (after all) in Sölvesborg.

2 years ago, when I heard about MAIF for the first time, I can´t imagine, that I will also stand with supporters at Strandvallen one day.

I knew about Superettan little bit earlier, it was slightly connected with betting. Cause I should say, that is my hobby. I remember first superettans game ever, which I predicted. It was match Assyriska FF against Vastra Frölunda. Kabba Samura, striker of the Assyrians guys is one of the players, which I never forget.

But time goes and I started to know about MAIF and especially about Superettan more and more. My taste grew faster. I bought swedish vocabulary and added svenskafans.se to my bookmarks. Then Pavel, Dusan and Lukás moved to Sweden, I found Ze French Minks blog and started to be in contact with Supermink.

I got first invitation to Sölvesborg in 2005, in the time when MAIF keep Superettan in last round against Bodens. But i was so young to make this trip.

Two years later i decided, that is a perfect time to make the journey. MAIF on the fire, perfect results, strong squad, quaterfinal of svenska cup and nice summer time. I talked to my friend Jan about this trip and we decided to go. We flew from Prague to Copenhagen (air lenght takes only one hour!) and then go by train to Sölvesborg. We made also little tour in Copenhagen before and saw World cup of homeless football. Then we finally came to Sölvesborg, met there Supermink and cie and get to fantastic community and atmosphere.

One day after our arrival, we were at big cup game against IFK Göteborg. Dusan was not in start line up, but never mind, it was great game. MAIF looks better than their allsvenskan opponent, especially in first sixty minutes. Patrick Osiako, Marcus Ekenberg, Marcelo Sarvas and Tobbe Johansson have to be mentioned. They played really good game, as same as whole team. We were stand in front of the supporters. What a great atmosphere! They shouted and sang all the time. Only few minutes missing to great success to advance to semifinal. I bought MAIF jersey after the game to never forget my Strandvallen visit.

We were also at the Sölvesborgs GIF versus FK Almeboda/Linneryds, 2divison match. We met there many guys, which we can saw at the ground on thursday. We also spoke with Dusan and Patrick for quite long time. Blackdressed guys from Sölvesborgs GIF didn´t showed much. Only one player could be praised, Abiola Dauda, who scored two goals for SGIF.

We saw MAIF again in action against GIF Sundsvall on sunday evening. We counted before the game, that guys will be tired, but the reality was poorer than we expected. Defense line of MAIF looks like veterans. Daniel Ivanovski was totally unable to play, he is still injured, so we don´t know, why he played again. Robin Cederberg and Marcus Lindberg, guys which were absolutely great against IFK made terrible mistakes against GIF. Dusan received three goals maybe from the three shots in first halftime, bad day for MAIF. Second half was rather better and we saw enough scoring opportunities for MAIF. Next 45 minutes brought also two red cards for "Giffarna" and Ekenbergs goal from the penalty. It was funny to see Mika Sankala (coach of GIF), his team led 3:0 in HT, but he looks like a devil still. Final score 1:3 for GIF speaks clearly.
By the way, one piquancy from swedish football. We were so surprised, when we saw, that linemans wearing regular trainers, cause in Czech republic referees wearing football boots as well as players. It could be quite dangerous to run in these boots on wet ground, like was on thursday.

On monday we leaved Sölvesborg and went to see Allsvenskan game MFF vs HIF. It was quite interesting to compare differences between Allsvenskan and Supererettan. MFF was better in first half, HIF in the second half. Jimmy Dixon and Razak Omotoyossi were best players on the field. Final result 1:1 is a fair and we have to praise home fans, which created great atmosphere.

In Malmo we saw also IFK stadium and ice hockey stadium, where was a Redhawks training. Our trip finished on wednesday, when we flew from Copenhagen to Prague, "heart" of Europe.

It was fantastic tour, we got to know swedish mentality and lifestyle. Now we can finally say, that we saw stadiums and players, which we knew only from newspapers before.

We must say: thanks a lot especially for Bruno and Maria, which provided accommodation and service for us.

Goodbye Sweden, hopefully not for the last time!


Monday, August 13, 2007

Mjällby 3 - 1 Sirius

Mjällby won 3-1 against Sirius Sunday evening in front of 2023 people. The victory has not been easy , but there are some days where everything goes well.

Like the first attack of Marcelo. Shot, the goal let the ball go under him (it´s an Arconada – famous spanish goalkeeper from the 80´s who let a freekick of Michel Platini go under his stomack in the final of the European Cup in Parc des Princes.). 1-0 after 1 min 45 s.

But Sirius came back to 1-1 at the 14 th minute. Then Sirius did the play until half time.

In the second half, Mjällby played much better and profited of the terrible defense mistake of Sirius in the central defense, Hjalmar Bertwig and Gustaf Sergerström. Ekenberg and Berner have passed them several times and the result was 2 goals 53rd minute Berner and 72nd Ekenberg.

At the end it´s a 3-1 victory which could have been 3-2, 3-3, 4-1, 5-1. The coach of Sirius was right to be a little bitter in press conference. His players have missed the game.

After 3 defeats in a row against Göteborg, who won 0-5 in Kalmar yesterday, Sundsvall and Norrköping, Mjällby took 3 points and it´s good for the dynamic of the team. Coach Thomas was very happy at the press conference.

Regarding the players:

Dusan: One goal in where he can not do so much, he has been excellent in one to one against Daniel Hoch.

Lindberg: He is not as his top and he knows it. He is maybe physically tired. He fight with Dusan in second half…

Robin: Good game.

Daniel: Better game for him also.

Tobbe: Ok game.

Osiako: he has given a lot of ball behind…

J. Persson: Big game. He is back in form. He is a the start of the 2nd goal.

Marcelo: Without him, Mjällby is not the same team.

Erton: he played on the right, it is not his favorite place. He has lost balls which could have cost a lot… Not his best game.

Berner: After one month of flat performance, he is back on track. He should have scored at least 2 goals.

Ekenberg: a locomotive, the best player on the pitch. Possitive agressivity, fighting, a goal. He is a true competitor.


Phille: perfect in his role of substitute, enter at 150% for fight. He shows a really good attityde and is fast.

Löfquist: Better than last game where he completetly failed (could have worked out with a weaker team).

J. Svensson: he missed a one –one against the goal at the last minute… good otherwise.

In sirius, I have been impressed by number 25, Andreas Eriksson. What a good player. Daniel Hoch did a good shot. Olle Kullinger was very disapointing and the central defense, good for us, was not in a good day.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Norrköping – Mjällby 5-0: Use your illusion tour II

Against Sundsvall the players entered on the field with a new song: "Welcome to the jungle" from Guns & Roses. This evening the game with Norrkoping was "Don’t cry"… (Ok I am not sure that everybody will get it but I did it anyway).

Less than 2 weeks ago people were talking about the game against Åtvidaberg as the best game since many years. Today we have seen the worst game of the season and may be the worst game since many years.

This game has to be forgotten.

It’s always difficult to play a team full of confidence. Norrköping manage everything they tried, first attack: goal, freequick: goal, corner: goal etc…. Dusan was not very lucky. Lindberg and Robin, in focus on TV (yes Sweden has seen this game even if Sport Expressen has an audience quite confidential) were somewhere else. Same for Daniel Nilsson, same for Erton …. I stop there.

Tonight the problem is not the defeat but the 5 goals taken. Mjällby is only at 4 points from the 3rd place for ALLSVENSKAN… incredible.

Thomas Andersson has to now to work with his team and to make sure they do not losse confidence after oen goal taken..

MAIF will play an important game on Sunday against Sirius.

With 25 point, Mjällby is only at 10 points for a new contract in Superettan 2008.

6 games at home.
6 games away.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mjällby - Sündsvall 1-3: the no-game

3 days after the fantastic, but also difficult and long, game against IFK Göteborg in the swedish cup, an other big game against Sündsvall came. Unfortunatelly, it was to much, the players were tired and not in the game. Lot of mistakes, lack of concentration sometimes, and 0-3 at half time was too much to expect a good result in this game.

First goal for Sündsvall arrived when Persson was out for a long time, but the referee didn't aloud him to enter on the field. He was not on the good side of the field, if I am correct, the players must enter on the side of the 4th referee.

Second goal is also strange; On a duel, Cedeberg kicks the ball with the head, but finish on the field, little bit injured, the referee didn't blow anything, and here we are with 2-0 against us.

Third goal, throw in from Johansson in direction of Lindberg (in the middle of the field in Mjällby's side), lindberg wants to give to Ivanovski on the right side, wrong pass, the ball arrives directly in the foot of Bayat, who scores the third goal.

Second half was a little bit better. Then came this moment against Sündsvall where there is total confusion and aggresivity (like last year). Berner has a one-one situation against the goalkeeper, tries to dribble him, but the goalkkeeper makes a fault, penalty for Mjällby. I didn't understand why the goalkeeper didn't get any card, even not a yellow. he is the last man, it is a red.
Ekenberg scored the penalty, everything could be normal, but the players of Sündsvall started to be aggressive. Marcelo Sarvas wanted to bring the ball quickly at the center, but he his kicked by a high foot. Confusion and discussions started between the players. At the end, 2 players of Sündsvall got a red car.

How can they be so stupid and aggressive? they have the game in their hands, there are still 10 minutes to play. Really a mystery. But during the game, we saw at the Sündsvall's bench a lot of aggressivity, and the team reflects the behaviour of his trainer. The Sündsvall's trainer is really a pitbull, always jumping about decisions of the referee. He just doesn't look stupid, he is also stupid.

In the locker room after the game, a door has been distroyed by a Sündsvall's player. After a victory??? No comment, but it gives you an idea of the mentality of this team.

What to retain from this game?
- Mjällby was tired, and Sündsvall good prepared. It is a game to forget and doesn't reflect the good football proposed by Mjällby in the last weeks. it was a no-game;
- we loose 3 important points.
- 1st defeat at home this season.

Next game on Thursday in Norrköping will not be easy, against the leader of Superettan.
Next game at Strandvallen is against Sirius, this one is also important because Sirius is a direct competitor for the first places.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Mjällby won the game but did not pass

Two days ago I saw a fantastic game. Already on Monday I saw the same team humiliate BOIS in Landskrona IP.

Thursday night I saw without electrical light the superettan team Mjällby play out IFK Götebrog from Allsvenskan or was it the other way around ? Which team is actually playing in Allsvenskan ?

Total domination of MAIF in first half with an early goal in the 10 first minutes and a struggled to keep that score until the 20 second before full time. Mjällby finally lost 1-2 in the prolongation (now it was really dark).

I did like:

Patrick Osiako work in the midfield. He might have lost one ball at the end of the game. He sees where to play before getting the ball. Exceptional game.

How Mjällby was playing fast in one touch ball and how they turn ridiculous the allsenvskan team.

How Marcelo passed 3 guys by dribbling.

The press conference were journalist asked questions.

The articles in Göteborg Posten and in Expressen about the good game done by the yellow and black.

The blogg of the TV guy, Patrick Ekwall, who was impressed by Erton, Patrick, Marcelo and Robin.

The fantastic 5 500 spectators in Strandvallen.

The Jazz festival cars tour at the beginning of the game.

To see Ekenberg passing the right defender.

To talk to IFK supporters after the game.

I did not like:

Göteborg play with only long ball. If that is Allsvenskan I understand why there is no more swedish team in UEFA and Champion´s league for years.

Göteborg assistant coach over aggressive and provocative toward the public sitting behind him.

The injury of Robin Cederberg due to the aggression of Berg.

The dark in second half.

Bergs play. I did not seem him. There was maybe agents of Marseille and PSG. Good for us he will never go to League 1.

That Göteborg was protected by the referee. 30 freequick for IFK and only 15 for MAIF. Here we speak with data.

The article in Aftonbladet. It´s better to stay at home if it´s only to report that Göteborg won the game. Where they playing better?

IFK complaining like a child that they had played 72 hours before while the opponent, Mjällby, had played 72 hours before and had 7 games in 20 days. IFK are professional and have just that to do.

Number 6 and 19 in IFK full of aggressivity and testosterone. Are they ready for Tour de France ?

The referee scared to give a penalty against Allsvenskan team (seen before from a certain Anders Frisk).

The defeat of Mjällby.