Sunday, September 14, 2008

MAIF 0-2 Ängelholm

Terrible game today at home. Nothing worked really well. Ängelholm's midfield and attack were better than us. They were especially more active and running after every single ball. So of course with players lightning fast like Skoog, they snatched a lot of ball.

All in all, we must have had like 5 shots at the goal, and Ängelholm's keeper caught them all or its defense put out. ÄFF on the other hand had many more opportunities.

In defense both Rehn and Robin have had better days. Robledo took over a lot of work, especially in the second half. Wille was as usual.
Löfqvist was inexistant, was taken out at midtime. His replacer Kacaniklic did not do much more, but at least he tried and ran more.
Erton did not much, and he had to go out early.
In the middle Osiako and Tobbe did both good things and not so good things, had a lot of pressure on them from ÄFF's midfield.
At the top Eken was always covered by ÄFF's defense. Berner was very active both offensively and defensively. I still would like midfielders to use his top speed when launched, but that one was still not for today.
Skoog (entered for Erton) was somewhat more active than usual, it seems his condition is finally coming up (at this pace he'll be fit again just in time to go back to MFF) but that was not enough in front of ÄFF's midfield.
Jörgen Nilsson did not get much play-time. Or maybe I did not see because he was on the other side of the pitch from my seat.

Overall best were Wille and Berner.

The referees have had better day too, especially the line-men. One should go back and read the chapter about off-side (it's the position at the start of the ball that counts, it's ok to arrive ahead of your defender in case you run faster), the other should start all the way back to throw-ins (when a player from team A sends all alone the ball out the long side, you do not give the ball to team A).

So no point today, we're in the middle of the table, a middle that is very competitive this year. 5 points to the last place for Allsvenskan, but with games like today we can forget it.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Mjällby - Åtvidaberg - pictures