Thursday, September 20, 2007

Under 21 : Mjällby - Halmstad 1-7...

1-7 is not a ice-hockey score but football score.

Bad time for the under 21 team of Mjällby. Very depressing to play in a team without structure where juniors play with a-team bench players.

This time again Alex Malmstrom was left defender (i would like to see Johan Svensson if he accepts to play i b-team in defense), Berner at his usual place (this guy has lost his football), Löfqvist central defender this time (he played sometimes 9 or 5 !), Osiako played 45 minutes like a diesel.

OK, may be i do not understand football but at the end it´s 1-7.

I am not sure talented players like Adam Larsson will support that...

Monday, September 17, 2007

MAIF game on the web

Sveriges Radio sends the game between Mjällby AIF and Åtvidaberg on the web.

The game starts at 19h.

You can find the web broadcast here:

Saturday, September 15, 2007

4 points out of 21

Mjällby has taken 4 points of 21 possible (7 games). Two years ago (same day 23 rd) Mr Crazt had to give a new orientation to his career. One year ago Hasse Larsson was back in business as assistant coach, and I don´t talk about Peter Persson.

This year, so far nothing happens. Thomas Andersson is still the coach of Mjällby, thank you to a good start of season and to an excellent round in Swedish cup, or thank you to the Swedish Federation because there are only 2 teams going down this years compare to last years where it were3 teams...

If Mjällby continue, the club will finish with less points then last year. What a pity with the potential seen in June, July.

Mjällby will play in Åtvidaberg on Monday.

Less public is coming at Strandvalen and even the visit on the FrenchMinks are lower in August. The interest for MAIF is going down.

What ever happens, the FrenchMinks will be there. We were in Laholm and Ystad some years ago when we were in division 1.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

(Another) Loss at home 0-2 against Ljunskile

For last game at home against Jönköping Södra, which we lost 1-2, I did not write an article because I was pissed, I did a writing-strike in protest. This time I am still pissed, but I will write, and most of the remarks concerning this game are equally valid for the previous game.

For some reason the Mjällby attack has lost all its efficiency. We manage to bring up the ball, sometimes in a very nice way. Then we enter in the zone, and all attackers try to dribble here, dribble there, jump above someone, step on each other's toes, bla bla bla, and at the end the opponent gets the ball.
Stop thinking you're all Ronaldinho and can evade 12 defenders, and shoot for %#¤& sake!
Ljunskile, and Jönköping Södra last time, have had 2 dangerous occasions, which is good news for our defense, but they put both in the net.
We've had 15 dangerous occasions, but they all ended in crap.
At one point in time, before vacation, MAIF had the 2nd best goal difference (behind aliens Norrköping), now we are barely positive.

Besides the attack, the defense has recovered somewhat. Last time Lindberg was often too far back and doing dangerous things, now the line was much better, and it did work: LSK's players were caught 6 times in off-side (the line-referees were not sleeping like last time).
Only once Ivanovski was not, and the LSK player got the ball, brought it up and above Fransson who could not do much in this situation. Congratulations LSK nr 7, it was a nice one.

Now about the middle. Why were we so efficient at the beginning of the season? Because we did not let go many balls to the opponent. We were playing a maybe more basic football, but it was efficient, it made the opponent run like hell, and we kept the ball. Today we saw a festival of... volley-ball. On the summary sheet for media we do not get the amount of time the ball spends in the air, it's pity because today it must have been up there like 45 minutes. And off course, very seldom a MAIF player at the reception, unless if flying to the front, in which case Eken has to cope with 2-3 defenders to get it, without much support from the others. This has been the same at least in the past 4 years, it's a so stereotyped system, off course all the other teams know it! They look at one MAIF game and they've seen them all!

Also Thomas must find a balance in the center middle: last time it was full attack, this time it's full defense. There has got to be one to recover balls, and one to distribute them upwards again. They are the key link between offense and defense, otherwise there is 2 half teams.
Also and for the n-th time, please do changes before the 85th minute. It's not a present you're giving the players by entering them so late, give them time to do things.

The referee was quite good today, if I was completely honest I should even add he was nice to us.
Best players were Cederberg, Danne and Tobbe, even and stable.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Under 21 Mjällby - Malmö 1-1

The FrenchMinks were quite for a period of time in August, but we are now back in business - we are back from vacation.

How is the situation for MAIF ?

4 points of 18 taken during the last 6 games. It´s not brillant.

Mjällby - Sundsvall 1-3
Norrköping - Mjällby 5-0
Mjällby - Sirius 3-1
Örgryte - Mjällby 3-1
Mjällby - Jönköping 1-2
Degerfors - Mjällby 0-0

The fantastic victory in Landskrona is far 2-4 the 3oth of July.
With 29 points, MAIF is only at 5 points from a new contract in Superettan 2008.
What a pity ! The season had started very well. A lot of energy has been put in the cup and the list of injured players has always been big. Sasa has not played since end of July !

On Monday the team under 21 was composed of:

Simon and Sasa in the front,
Berner and Kim T. on the wings,
Marcelo and Osiako in the midfield,
Alex M. right defender and Löfquist central defender,
Dusan in the goal,
and you had two young guys which together made up the start 11.

Not bad for a B-team. But the result was 1-1 against a very young team of Malmö.

What to remember of that game ?

Simon didn´t do so much in first half but in the second one he fight like if it was Champion´s league. He is a real competitor and he scored.

Sasa didn´t do much in the first half and not in the scond one either...
Osiako has touched a lot of ball.
Marcelo was a little everywhere.
Berner was nowhere (what´s happened to him, he was so good).
Kim T. run but did not pass.
Alex was ok.
Löfquist was surprised at the begining but did after a very good game.
Dusan was ok.