Monday, July 31, 2006

Ljungskile SK - Mjällby AIF 1-1: An important point taken away

This evening Mjällby has taken a point in Ljungskile. Fredrik Olsson scored at the 81st minute while Jörgen Wålemark had put a goal just before the half time 37th.

The match facts can be found on the official site of the swedish federation:

or on

As you can see on the graph, Mjälby has taken only 2 points in 4 games. But compared to last year MAIF has 9 points more. Mjällby will stay in superettan with 35 points at least, 16 points more are needed, 5 victories and a draw. The team will be probably reinforced this week.

Next game: Sunday 06/08 against Örebro.

Previous game against Örebro:

Örebro SK - Mjällby AIF: 4-1 25/04/06
Örebro SK - Mjällby AIF: 2-1 17/07/05
Mjällby AIF - Örebro SK: 1-2 10/07/05

The end of season with be stressfull...

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Seen at the game Mjällby - Åtvidaberg

Thomas Mjällby coach congratulates Alexander after his very good second half in front of Pavel. Dusan is in the back.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Under the sun of Listerland

Small games 3 X 7 organised by Thomas. Funny.

Roman Dobes in action.

Hot. It was hot today even at 17h00. Mjällby has trained for 2 hours on the main field and there was a lot of people in the tribune curious to see the new player "who could may be signed" Roman Dobeš. Journalist were there, Golden club members were there and some members of the board starting by the president.

This time Mjällby has not announced that Roman Dobeš had signed, only that he was tested. Have they learned from the Vozabal fiasco or is it because the value of this player is not confirmed ?

So what to say about that player: 2 hours training, small games in small surface, then opposition 2 X 11 on half playground and then finally 20 minutes 2 X 11 in normal playing condition. I have not seen him much... It seems that MAIF has arrange a game on Friday 17h00 Mjällby B team against Saxemara in order to evaluate in real conditon Romas Dobes (time and place to be confirmed).

Roman Dobes with the president, Thomas and Kjell at the end of the training.
Other informations:
  • Simon has not participated to the training. He was running around the field.
  • During the last opposition, Alexander was in the A team on the left wing, Eken 9 and Johan on the right wing. In the midfield were D. Nilsson, Hiirsa and J. Persson. Finally the back line was Tobbe, Lindberg, Robin and Sandström.
  • Pavel Zavadil was not present at the training...

Pictures Mjällby AIF - Åtvidaberg FF

Presentation of the team.

Johan Persson K.O. after getting the ball in the face.

Marcus Ekenberg with the media. "How did you do that ?"

Monday, July 24, 2006

Mjällby AIF - Åtvidaberg FF 1-1: Mjällby big heart !

The MAIF players have shown a big heart on Sunday. They never gave up and they came back to 1-1 at the 89 minutes by a fantastic goal of Marcus Ekenberg, a goal he is the only one to know how to do.

From that game we will remember that:

- It was the first game of Thomas Andersson alone on the bench after the departure of Peter Persson.

- It didn´t take a lot of time to change the schema on the field. The coach didn´t have to discuss 15 minutes. I have to say that FrenchMink was right when he wrote that it was not working with those two coaches.

- Thomas made his team playing in 4 - 1 - 4 - 1 with only one defensive midfield Johan Persson and one forward Simon. During the attack phase, it was transformed in 4-1-2-3 with Ekenberg and Johan on the wings

- For the first time Alexander Malmström played a complete half and he shows very good offensive skills. Ekenberg and Simon played with him.

- In second half Ekenberg played 9, Simon went down and Tobbe became defender and Eken scored at the end.

- Olsson has lost his place.

- Thomas did 3 changes, Alex - Olsson - Phille. As ususal Phille was running like a maniac. The public like that !

- We took the goal when Mjallby was playing at 10 against 11. Simon was on the bench, problem with the leg.

- Dusan is numer 1 with Thomas.

- Dusan did a spectacular saving at 25 meters from his goal with his feet. It seems that the Dusan - hero of GAIS-MAIF is back !

- 2245 spectators with a team on the bottom of the table is really good.

- Pavel Zavadil was there to see the game, as always lately. Has he bought a stuga?

- But Valjeminken, big fan of Marseilles, was not there to be presented to the legendary player of Olympique de Marseille Roger Magnusson.

- The referee Monsieur Berglund has been good enough except for the last minutes of the game when blocking Mjällby by helping Åtvidaberg in loosing time.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Mjällby connection

... Or what happened to Vozabal.

In yesterday´s training game between FC Slovacko and Nantes 2-2, the almost-Mjällby-player Martin Vozabal scored one goal.

The clubs, from two distant parts of Europe, have played a friendly game in Saint Nazaire, France. Both clubs are linked to Mjällby. The FC Slovacko is the previous club of Dusan Melicharek and of the "future ex player" Vozabal - the czech player who "was almost signed for Mjällby"- and Nantes is the new club of Chippen Wilhelmsson.

Maybe Vozabal was a player too good for Mjällby to sign. The recruitement might have been impossile already in the first place - or it had been the transfer of the century. Instead of playing the second swedish league, he now will play the first Czech league and he plays training games with clubs from the french Ligue 1, one of Europes four best leagues.

The site of the football club de Nantes reports that Vozabal has shot from 18 meters and the goalkeeper couldn´t do anything.

I have much more difficulties in Czech but I understand that there were 3000 spectators. Slovacko will play two other French teams, Vannes and Lorient. They are in training camp in Bretagne, France.

Chippen is arrived in Nantes yesterday Saturday at 22h30. His transfer was confirmed the 13th of july by Japhet N´Doram, recruiter of FC Nantes and he will be officialy presented on Monday the 17th.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Latest footballistic news, both good and bad

The bad news:
MAIF has lost again this week-end against Åtvidaberg away. 4-1, a lecture.
France has lost the 2006 World Cup against Italy, 5-3 in the shout-outs.

The good news:
Chippen has signed a record contract with french-team Nantes. With a transfer fee of 3.8 million €, there should be some money raining back down on MAIF.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


"What is that picture ??" is probably what you will say first. But, if you look a little more closer you will see a couple leaving strandvallen after the game against Falkenberg FF on a TANDEM.

ValjeMinken was very impressed that´s why I have done some research for him, a link to Tandem Magazine and a link to a site for Tandem articles.

Chippen has started a trend and that we will see soon ValjeMinken coming with his Tandem to work and to Strandvallen.

Monday, July 03, 2006


The day had started very well, the weather was beautiful:
Nice weather
the other team's supporters, few (3 to be more accurate):
FFF's pityful supporter croud
the croud, numerous (including ze strubbarna):
So far so good
More than 2000 people, hoping to see yet another good MAIF game.

The following happened on the MAIF side: nothing. At all. 2 occasions from Tobbe and Eken, and both missed as if played by a 10-years old with a broken leg. 1 good shot from Johan but the Falkenberg keeper did a very good save.
I won't go in the details of the disaster, but rather assign a collective Yellow Card for the lousy performance.

The following happened on the Falkenberg side: a lot more, the ball was circulating a lot, still pushing at 0-2 and 75 minutes played. But then again, they didn't have to be very good as Mjällby did not put much resistance to speak of. Number 13 was consistently giving our defense trouble, the guy is huge, he had to deal with Wille and Sandström who weigh together barely as much as him alone...

At the end of the day, 0-3 at home. Blame it on many matches, tiredness, the heat etc... maybe, but there was no will. No will to win, no will to play.

Some more pictures:
What the *#&@ happened!
Dusàn did what he could with what he got...
Danne gets the AXA case for being the least unwilling
Senftén (with MiniSenftén) and Chippen (with LadyChippen) were seen at the game. PapparaziMink will put some pictures later.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Saturday training

The program of Mjällby looks like the FIFA world cup. After the game of tomorrow Sunday against Falkenberg, the team would have played 3 games in 7 days.

This morning the training was on the official ground. There was a good atmospher, the players were happy to be there. Everybody was there. Fredrik Olsson has done more exercises than the others. The coach Tomas was shooting penalties to Dusan. Jonas Andersson was repeating shoot from 20 meters. It was a little "A la carte" this morning.

Fredrik Olsson seems ready for fight.

Jonas: Zizou or Beckam ?

Marcus Ekenberg shooting penalty to Ricardo - Dusan.

Allez les bleus - Allez les MAIFs.