Monday, July 30, 2007

Bois 2 - 4 MAIF: Like at home

FrenchMink should not have taken his vacation now because he has missed the two best games of Mjällby since many years. If the game with Åtvidaberg was excellent, what to say about the first half in Landskrona ? It was fantastic. Marcus Ekenberg was flying: 2 goals and 1 assist.

I had a bad souvenir of Landskrona. It was in 2002. We lost and Mjällby went down at the end of the season and Landskrona went up. We took a goal of 30 meters on a corner. Bad time.

But now it´s different. We won last year and now we won again scoring 4 goals in 45 minutes. 4 800 people something and 700, 800 from Lister. Sorry to say that supporter of Landskrona, but we were at home tonight !

This evening Tomas Andersson had built a very offensive team, the same as last game at home except Ivanovski injured replaced by Lindberg who was back.

Ekenberg in 9 with Sasa in 9 1/2 (what a great idea - it´s remind me Marcus Rindberg time), then right Erton and left Marcelo. 4 offensive players with Patrick Osiako as 10. Only Johan Persson has midfield defender and the 4 from the back, D. Nilsson, Robin, Lindberg and Tobbe.

Each time Erton had the ball, it was fire in the defense. Same for Marcelo, may be a little tired. Tobbe was ultra offensive. Osiako and Sasa are better game after game. Sasa who arrived injured at the beginning of the season was announced a little fast as big fiasko...

After 60 minutes in the game, Landskrona came back and was dominating. Berner, Löfqvist and Phille went in instead of Erton, Sasa and Marcelo to give some fresh blood.

The guys were probably thinking about the game of Thursday. Mjällby was waiting the end of the game.
The first goal of BOIS was on a generous penalty due to Dusan... Dusan did 2 enormous stops in 2nd half.

Best tonight:

1 - Marcus Ekenberg

2 -Tobias Johansson

3 - Sasa Zimonjic

What to say about the referee ? He was good. A generous penalty given but Dusan could have played it a little better. Osiako was near a yellow card but it didn´t get it. 3 yellow justified for BOIS. Many freequick for MAIF in front of the goal: here is something Tomas has to work with.

Some pictures to come !

All the information about the game here:


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