Sunday, April 27, 2008

Difficult second victory at home (MAIF 1 - 0 Jönköping Södra)

Difficult victory today. The goal was quite nice. Jönköping lose the ball in the middle, Svensson goes up in the middle, passes to the left to Eken, who chips it above the keeper. Very lucid. 2/20 for Eken.

The rest of the game was less glorious. A lot of lost balls in the middle. Playing ball a lot, but not going all the way. No rythm. The last 30 minutes was only defense. Good luckily.

Very good performance by Robledo, enormous on heads, Ivanovski and Cederberg. Wille made a couple of mistakes, luckily good cooperation with Cederberg.
Svensson very offensive as usual, but like last time inexistent in defensive phases, even when the ball is passing 50 cm away.
Danne had plenty to in defense.
Osiako did a couple of mistakes, but overall good. Good rythm.
Marcelo and Erton kept on not finding each other.
Eken was on every action, defense offense everywhere.

The replacers Löfquist and Nilsson missed big occasions in front of the goal, they must definitely gain confidence, stop playing ball and shoot. Rehn is now officially Mr Tactical, entering not before the 92nd minute.

After last week's draw at Sirius (1-1), Mjällby has now 7 points and holds the 4th place of the league. But this game was not exactly reassuring for the big games.


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