Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Chippen to Nantes ? Latest news

Chippen in Husqvarna - october 2004.

According to the excellent French site www.football365.fr , Chippen is not yet transferred to Nantes. The sport director of Anderlecht Herman Van Holsdeeck has declared: " Nantes is interested but it´s more and more difficult for the team due to the good game of Christian against Trinidad and Tobago, Anderlecht has received two other offers (4 millions euros)".


Yes - Chippen should go to Nantes

- Nice city in Bretagne.
- Excellent football culture - "football a la nantaise". For example, the P16 are french champion http://www.fcna.fr/articles/20062007/flash-16anstitre120606.php.
- He will be a star there.
- He will win a lot of money because there is a lot of money right now in the French Football (canal + TV right one of the highest in Europe).
- Nantes has been champion eight times (latest 2000-2001) and won the French cup three times .
- Nantes has one of the best training school in France - Didier Deschamps, Marcel Desailly, Christian Karambeu.
- Nantes is playing in yellow like Mjällby and the national team.

No - Chippen should not go to Nantes.

- The club finished at the 14th place last seasons.
- Nantes is less ambitious than Rennes !!
- Nantes will not play any european cup next year.
- There is a risk than Chippen does not adapt to a specific Nantes way to play.

Chippen should go to Paris ! This is the perfect club for him.


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